Needing COVID friendly gender reveal ideas!

Hello, I am currently nine weeks pregnant with my second child. My husband and I started dating when my daughter was seven years old, so this is all new and very exciting for my husband. When I had my daughter (who will be 12 in December), I found out her gender during an ultrasound, but with this child, I really want to do a gender reveal for fun as I’ve never done one. My daughter is also very excited about the idea and wants to play an important part in it. Thoughts on how to do this safely during a pandemic? We could film it and only have close friends and family. There is something we have considered, but any suggestions are welcome! We have already talked about doing a drive through baby shower if we need to come Spring, but didn’t really think that idea worked well for a gender reveal. Thank You!


We did a parking lot gender reveal party. Everyone came in their cars. We handed them either a pink balloon or blue balloon based on their gender guess and they tied them to their mirrors. Then they parked in 2 lines facing inward and my husband and I stood in the middle and shot off smoke cannons.


Send a text :woman_facepalming:t2: I don’t see what all the hoopla about gender reveal is for. It’s strange to me to have a big reveal for whether the baby will have a penis or vagina. Hell a giant fire is burning because of gender reveal.

Gender reveal parties have only been a trend for a few years. I never did one and I’ve had 3 kids since 2009. I just found out at the doctors office and then shared with my family. No party no hassle. Call me old school I guess.


please don’t set off anything explosive–look at what happened in CA. Also please don’t use balloons–they are toxic to wildlife.


Don’t find out. That is the ultimate gender reveal.


Best gender reveal I saw was at a range. One parent shoots the balloon and pink or blue comes down. Is very cool!

we just had a small get together with immediate family for ours and let my 6 year old daughter cut the cake for a reveal! It was very nice!


Your best option would be you your daughter and husband do it Facebook live for all your friends and family that’s what I did


One of my friends filled the box with helium filled balloons. Then opened it up inside to reveal the blue balloons

Not fireworks. Lol.

What if you did an easter egg hunt type thing? Hide a bunch of blue and pink eggs and one has the gender in it and let your guests hunt for the gender?

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We are doing with close family but will go on fb live for friends to cut cake upon to reveal filling inside :heart: congrats!

Put pink or blue flowers in pots outside your house! Then people can drive by as they want to find out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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When I was pregnant with my first, my mother in law went with me for my ultrasound and made me keep my eyes closed…lol…that weekend she had all the guests spray me and my husband with pink silly string. We wore white shirts.

I just told everyone what we were having. I don’t get the whole gender reveal thing :joy:


I just did mine yesterday at the park. We did a cake. Check out Pinterest there are so many ideas

We just did one a couple weeks ago. We chose a ballon and only immediate family. My kids poped the balloon so we can see if they were having a new brother or sister but it was a fun way to include the kids and safe.

Maybe like a scavenger hunt to make it fun for your daughter giving hunts and then the last “hint” be something to do with the gender.

Lots of balloons to pop.

We dyed hard boiled eggs blue and pink, and one by one the kids cracked them on their foreheads and the only egg that was what the baby was was raw. It’s hilarious and fun to see who gets the raw egg

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