Needing crazy hair day ideas

Can someone give me a crazy hair day idea for me??? I have one for my daughter but not for me. I want crazy but simple because I am leaving on a trip right after work!


We did an octopus on ny daughters head. A bun and 8 braids coming down with a bobbypin that I glued eyes to and stuck in the bun

I usually just put it in a couple pony tails or put different colors in in with hair chalk and spray.

I’m an art teacher. I usually do a messy bun then just fill it with art supplies. Paint brushes, markers, crayons, colored pencils. At the end it looks like the cabinets exploded in my hair, but it comes out easy.

Do two space buns and put a cupcake holder around each bun then stick a toothpick in the bun with a red puff ball glued onto it. Cupcakes with a cherry. I’ve done that one myself.

Empty a 12 oz.plastic bottle of pop, put a hole in the bottom, put a side ponytail up through the bottom and out the top. Looks like a bottle of pop being poured on you :blush: Sounds silly but super cute :heart_eyes:

I saw one who did the cutest pink donut.

Blair Weber you have the picture of the donut you did in your sister’s hair?

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I’ve seen people do simple braids and then get those plastic spider rings and put them in the braids, there’s always pig tails all over the head and different colored ribbons, braids with the ribbons weaved through, check pinterest!!!

Do rollers but use beer cans or coke cans