Needing elf on the shelf ideas

I just got an elf on a shelf to want all do you guys do with it I’m new at it, but I have a couple of ideas, but I need more.


Pinterest is my go to for ideas! Sooooo many to choose from!


Also our elf is going to be “quarantined” in a jar for the first 2 weeks this year.:woman_shrugging::rofl:


Quarantine that elf in a mason jar

Pinterest has a good chunk of ideas, but overall each night after the kid(s) go to bed, just move the elf around. Sometimes when you get a cool idea you can do it, but most times it’s just the fun of finding the elf overall that gets kids excited.

My daughter’s barbies have homeitems, and so has a toilet; Well this toilet is perfect size for the elf. One day when she found her elf, it was set up like a little bathroom and it was giving her ‘Hershey kisses’. She still talks about it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: – We had her in the tub as well.

I sometimes would buy tiny gifts or candy, and pretend the elf hid them around the house with a rhyme/riddle that could be followed to where it was.

At the end, just before Christmas, we wrote a note on a whiteboard and pretty much pretended that she had ‘too much built up magic’ within her and that Santa said for that one day it would be okay if she played and was touched. My daughter LOVED this. The next day the elf went ‘home’.

I am just starting out too…our elf will come on Dec. 1st. I am part of a couple of Elf on the Shelf groups on Facebook and I have Google and been on Pintrest alot the past few days. There are ALOT of free printable props and super easy ideas that aren’t crazy. My daughter is 4 so we aren’t doing anything thats not age appropriate for her. Our elf will move around some, play with her toys and leave fun, crafty gifts for us to do during the day. There are also Elf Magic you can do…like putting elf dust on an egg and it turns into a Kinder Egg or burying pennies and they turn into chocolate coins.

When I set mine out I got the kids lil xmas candy and pjs and wrote a note from Santa saying that he left his friend to watch over us … the did lil fun things every day

Ive also put my elf on the ceiling fan hanging upside down… but my son turned the fan on and he got all tangled up… the next day i puy him in a cast… i thought it was funny. My son cried because he hurt the elf… mom fail.

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The kids is in quarantine due to traveling from the north pole for next 10 days up away from.everyone just watching kids from quarantine

Bury it in the backyard.


Check out Pinterest. There were a ton of ideas on there :slightly_smiling_face:

Do yourself a favor and throw it in the trash before the kids see it :rofl::rofl::rofl: or gift it to someone you hate :crazy_face:


A friend of mine toilet papered her entire living room and had the elf hanging from the ceiling fan :joy: 2020 and he’s wasting toilet paper. Naughty elf!!!

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Google is full of them

Don’t quarantine your elves! How will they report back to Santa each night? They’d have to quarantine every time :woman_shrugging:

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Quarantine the elf when it shows up! Gives you 2 whole weeks off! :sweat_smile:


I got a quarantine box! :joy::raised_hands:t2::joy::raised_hands:t2: 14 days of not moving him!! #momwin :joy::joy::joy: - after that- he may break his leg and not be able to move again… :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Pinterest ideas. I’ve gotten all of my best ones from Pinterest!

We don’t do the shenanigans, we just move ours around each night (or early morning :rofl::woman_shrugging:) to a different hiding spot

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