Needing encouraging words about my childs teeth needing pulled

Has anyone had to have their baby’s teeth get pulled by a dentist? I hope you know what I’m trying to ask. I’m so scared! even negative stuff keeps on getting in my head don’t judge, please


All 3 of my boys have had to have extensive work done. It is ok, it happens

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My oldest one had some of his pulled before he was two. His pediatric dentist was wonderful.

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I had to have mine pulled as a teen bc I still had some baby teeth. I had that done before I got my braces and then had some molars removed when I had my wisdom teeth out.

I personally had every single one of my baby teeth pulled except one, they just wouldn’t come out on their own; so it was done gradually. Not sure how old your child is or what the reasoning is. If they are older it probably won’t cause any problems, I was fine. I’ve known kids that are very little however who need teeth pulled because of decay and that is more difficult because then they have no teeth for years while waiting for adult teeth to come in.

My middle child’s teeth came in rotted :sleepy: I brushed his gums for crying out loud! He walked before his teeth came in, tho. Then I couldn’t get him to brush. It took a year for the dentist to get me an appointment for oral surgery for him and that was like 9 months out so they sat that way for a long long time. I cried for him every day we waited. THEN the insurance lapsed for 3 DAYS and the last day was his surgery date so he waited yet another month. He’s got nice teeth now
and it’s 14 years later.

My daughter had to have all her baby teeth pulled because adult teeth were coming in. Find the the right pediatric dentist and no problems. Talked to her for a long time before I evet brought my daughter in!

I, personally, had to have baby teeth pulled (in kindergarten) because they weren’t coming out in their own and my other teeth were coming in around them.

My son had 7 removed at once. The dentist was awful and had no intention of saving any of them. She said she’d try but didnt… he had super soft enamel. When my daughter reached the same age we had the same problem with her teeth. I was very choosy about the dentist, chose one that treated her as her own… all of hers were saved. I was devastated with my son…

My 2 year old had to have his front tooth pulled… he had just turned two. It was terrifying for me and I cried…but he got the sedation and laughing gas, he still screamed, he got over that fairly quick and was wobbly from the meds for a few more hours. The rest of the day he was kind of wired… he had a bad reaction to the meds and couldn’t sleep and just wandered around. But by the next day he was better, a week later he was basically completely healed, and now his little gap is adorable. I hated every second of it, but it was for his benefit.

Save your baby teeth ,set them in freezer for later use on csse

My youngest when he was 4 or younger had one pulled

Yes some were growing the wrong way and he had extra teeth :woman_facepalming: n he was fine within a few hours just sore mouth . Your child will be fine

The calmer you are about it, the calmer they will be about it.


My grandson was just a toddler when he fell and broke off a front tooth. It died and back in the 1990s it was hard to find a dentist. But it worked out. Not judgement from me ! He went for years missing a front tooth!

My daughter was 5 years old and had to get 7 teeth pulled. She got put under general anesthesia. She was fine the next day, like nothing ever happened. Kids are tough. It’ll all be okay.

My situation is a bit different but I ended up regretting having my son’s teeth pulled because he already had speech issues and they got much worse with less teeth

My 3 year old did. They wanted to do it in the hospital under sedation but couldn’t get him in for like a month and it needed out then due to being snapped. So they had us hold him down while they numbed his mouth and pulled it out

My son had 4 top teeth pulled right after he turned 4, he did great. Cried coming out of sedation but was absolutely fine by that night.

I had crowns put in way more expensive but they told me pulling would effect his speech