Needing gender reveal ideas!

I’m looking for a unique way to have a gender reveal please help!


Wait until the baby is born. No one does that anymore.


You could do like a scavenger hunt with the guests and have little hints to find the prize and the prize reveals the gender


We tossed a pokemon ball lol

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just wait til you give birth

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We had a cake as well. It’s the easiest way to do it.


I wouldn’t right now due to the pandemic cause it puts u n ur unborn baby at risk. Just wait till u give birth


Gender reveals are so overrated. Just have a baby shower.


I did a fb live gender reveal…my son and I cut the cake…

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I like the smoke bombs, fireworks are cool too blue or pink/red with a bbq for family and friends. Pinterest has cute ideas

Mine was com see the kid to know what we had. :joy::rofl:

Look up boomf cards on the internet they are amazing x

Wait till till its born. Gender reveals are stupid


I filled a black balloon with blue paint and shot it lol

We made a build a bear and posted a picture of our older two boys holding it

We did a burnout baby reveal

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My spouse is a hunter we filled a balloon with pain and he shot it with the bow

Wait till its birmana revel

We did tannerite. He shot it.

Hyper color face masks that change with breath. I don’t know if they even make those, but they should. :stuck_out_tongue: