Needing gender reveal ideas

I’m a single mom, I’m pregnant with baby #2, and I’m in need of gender reveal ideas!


Take an envelope to a baker with the gender of the baby, have them bake it with blue or pink on the inside. At the baby shower cut the cake, poof gender reveal that doesn’t involve possibly hurting anyone or starting a fire. Congrats.

Just say hey I’m having a boy or girl :woman_shrugging:t2: I honestly think the whole gender reveal is overrated.


Maybe dress your first child in whatever color is “associated” with the gender and bring them to your family etc , or take a photo and send it to them

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I filled cupcakes with pink filling for one child and for another I put a little blue pair of cowboy boots in a box to reveal to my mom. Ive had 4 kids we only did 2 gender reveals im not really that into them

Pop a balloon with your first child


First of all ignore anyone saying not to do whatever makes you happy, especially this year. We are nerds for Harry Potter so we did a spell and popped a black balloon that we had filled with pink confetti and our son we did a silly string battle with blue string (the tag was torn off so people couldn’t tell the color). Covid friendly you could video either (you can social distance for something like silly string but maybe just like a couple people and video or pictures for the rest?


My friends sprayed me with the color of the gender with paint. I’m a single mom of 2 as well

Please do something that will make it special and memorable. Don’t not do it, because once you do you’ll always be able to look back on it🥰

I would check Pinterest! They have some cute ones on there! For our gender reveal, we did pink/blue smoke coming out of our exhaust pipes. We had twins so it’s a good thing we have double exit exhaust pipes :joy: it was a boy and a girl. We did this because my husband is a car lover. We got the smoke powder dust thingy from party city

I know a very cheap way to make burnout powder for a gender reveal, you can also order some from Amazon

Wrap up a pink / blue onsie and have your first child open it

For our second born we did this on canvas; it has our hand prints and his big sister’s hand print. My sister blindfolded us, painted and placed our hands. It was pretty great. This now hangs over his bed with star shaped twinkley lights :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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We did confetti poppers that were filled with smoke and we LOVED IT. One of our favorite memories throughout the pregnancy :blue_heart::heartpulse:

The balloons , color bombs,water guns with food coloring, confetti poppers, silly string, make the cake a color, . We had so much fun planning my sons and he gf. They found out with everyone at the party

My last one we did the confetti party poppers from party city

Maybe try to do something that includes the older sibling helping in some sort of way

We used water guns with craft paint for my daughter’s gender reveal. You can have the older sibling shoot you with it.

My kids opened a box of balloons, and silly string. Maybe filling an empty egg shell/ water balloon with the gender color, and have the older child throw it or hit it with something.
Im not big in gender reveal parties, just wanted to surprise my kids.

How about, “hey, I’m having a boy/girl!” Worked great for us lol.