Needing help budgeting

My husband and I are trying to determine how we can go about me having my own little money. We are trying to see how much I should and can get, etc., for my personal usage like nails, hair, brows make up, etc. etc. Now don’t come at me and call me lazy and to get a job because I’ve worked and I’ve worked hard next month, I’ll officially be a year of being a stay at home mom. But I don’t want to ask for money all the time. I want to see how you guys go about money usage and if y’all get a specific amount etc, if you guys can share with me or help me get ideas!


Nails, hair, brows and makeup aren’t essential so I’d say if he’s willing to give you money for that be thankful and take what he gives you.


only way to get money without asking for it… is to work for it yourself…


Eh may not be considered “essential” however u deserve to have some pampering and to be the best you … so just budget it in or get u some income from doing something from home. Being a stay home mom is hard. And can be draining … so it’s not too much to ask forreal


Sit down with him and setup a budget. If you have money leftover each week after bills and putting money in savings then maybe you can convince him to split some with you.

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I just take my bills add them all together and then take that out of the checks. Of course adding gas for the car, emergency savings, food, ect. Then whatever is left is extra money. I normaly have about 10$-20$ extra a week but that also has to be used to buy kids clothes or soap or whatever. If nothing is needed then it can be used on fun stuff


Do you not put all money in one pot and whatever is left over split between yourselves? That’s what me and my partner do. X


Literally been a sahm for 8 years , we make a budget . Bills , essentials for house , food , kid stuff (clothes shoes etc) , and then spending money for eating out and extras . You aren’t a child you dont need an allowance just budget and know how much you both can spend without it eating into budget. I will say when moneys tight everything you listed is an extra


We just share money, all of it. Always have.


Could he auto deposit some amount into a separate account every paycheck if there is money left after the bills that would be just yours to manage/spend/save?

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My husband and I have a joint account and it’s both our money. We both work but at times just me or just him has worked. I make sure all the bills are paid and what ever is left is shared money. We both spend what we want when we want. If we plan on spending anything more then our usual every day small purchases we will discuss it. I could never be given an “allowance”.


When me and my husband first met we were both working and once we had our daughter we were financially able for me to become a stay at home mom. We have a joint account and just know how much we are able to spend extra each month. Since being a stay at home mom I have never had to ask my husband for money. And if its there he has no problem with me pampering myself.


I get my nails done once in a while like if I need some time to myself and I found a lady who does a good job and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg im a Sahm too money goes into our kids and our home vs myself…kinda what’s most important. Maybe you can choose to get those things done once in a while,…


Find a side hustle that you can do as a stay at home mom. This will not only mean you can have money but also preserve your self esteem.


How I go about it is I have my own job and spend my own money. Good luck!


We both have a debit card so that neither of us have to ask for it, if there is extra money after bills then we spend it however we see fit. I just say hey, we have X amount in the account so I’m doing or buying this.


I’ve got my own wax kit from ultra and I get my nails done once a month it’s $30 that’s about all I buy for myself clothes is a must not a want so in our house as long as bills are paid money is kinda free game

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My sister has a side hustle and she sells product for Isagenix. I have friends that sell different brands of makeup I can’t remember what it all is but my cousin sells Mary Kay I have a friend who sells Avon one of my friends is connected to pure romance.

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If money is any sort of concern, hair nails and brows should not be a regular every 2 week or every month thing.


Joint bank account. You should never have to ask your husband for money. Specially if you are a stay at home mom.