Needing help deciding on a baby name

I’m having my second baby boy, and I’m finding it difficult to decide a name. I really love the name Rylan, but my husband thinks it sounds too girly, even though our first son’s name is Riley. What do y’all think?! He did finally decide to let me pick the first name, but he is set on his middle name being Reign. How does Rylan Reign sound?! Or can y’all help me out with a nice first name that starts with an R or a name that sounds good with the middle name as Reign?!!


I think it’s sounds lovely. My friends girl is Rylie Raine. X

I like Rylan. And no it doesn’t sound like a girl name lol

Ryan sounds good. But Rylan isn’t bad actually the name you picked isn’t bad.

My one relative named her twins Remington & Ryder… I’ve always liked Reese and Reed…

He’s probably saying it’s a girls name because of Dylan the TV presenter

Reign sounds more girly that Rylan. Maybe… Rylan Ray?

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My youngest sons middle name is rylan. We didnt think it sounded girly… Coda Rylan

Hold him for the first time than name him


Richard Robert stick with nice boy names

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I think Rylan sounds too close to Riley. I like Royce Reign, Ryan Reigh, Remington Reign, Robert Reign if you are sticking with R names


Jackson Reign
Kellan Reign
Maverick Reign

I’m siding with the husband on this one, sorry. What about Royce?

WILLIAM or Richard

Roland, Rowan, Reese

My neighbor is a teacher and she specifically told me she named her 2 boys very basic names (Adam and Brian) because of how badly kids are teased by other kids over their name… Dont be the asshole parent fixated on a unique girly name for a boy because you’re not the one that has to go through 13yrs of being teased / made fun of at school. Give the boy a normal 1st name… it doesnt have to be matchy matchy with the middle name.

Why is everyone giving this kid a new middle name when she SPECIFICALLY stated the middle name WILL BE Reign??? She asked for help with the 1st name…she didn’t ask you to give him a new middle name. READ.

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Ryder, River, Ridge, Rimi, Rory

I like River or Remington with Reign