Needing help getting rid of fleas in my house!

Please help me. I’m having the worst flea problem ever. I’ve tried literally everything. I have deep cleaned my entire house washed everything that could be washed sprayed everything down with flea spray that could be sprayed, bathed and treated all of the pets, and I don’t have any carpets. I have no idea how to get rid of them. I can’t use a fogger because I can’t leave the house for the amount of time that you need to given the fact that my car is in the shop being fixed after an accident. I need as many tips and tricks as you can give me. ASAP!


Following. We bombed our house and they’re back in the basement again :rage: the old tenant the left their cats which had fleas, and even after getting rid of them and trying to deal with the problem they came back.

What are you using for flea meds for pets? Vet tech here. Fleas have a 3 week life cycle and most preventions tell you to treat once a month. Get a good flea prevention from your vet and treat pets every 3 weeks for months in a row. Also get the flea spray from the vet

Use table salt. Sprinkle it on your carpets or floors just before you go to bed and vaccine in the morning. Also get a cake tin or some metal pan that’s really shinny but a mix of dish soap and water in it. Leave it on the floor and put a light on it and leave it there. They jump in and die from it

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We dealt with a horrible flea case a few years back,finally we went to petsmart and asked for the best way to cure the situation, it wasnt cheap but they showed us great products and it worked

Borax laundry soap powder is harmless

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Get pets the sorento flea collar. It transfers/kills fleas everywhere the pets go, not just on the pet. It works.

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You could try growing your household plants inside a sealed grow box this will help keep insects at Bay

Neem oil spray. When I went to my dad’s house to help after his heart attack he has flees and mosquitoes so bad that my son, 8 at the time, was being eaten alive. A friend told us about neem oil and it was a miracle. Keep the bugs off the kid and helped me get them out of the house!

Capstar for the cats and dogs then preventative meds or fleae collars.

I sympathize, I had that problem myself… I spent a fortune trying to get rid of them. I finally resorted to using an old fashion method. Borax detergent inside an out…it’s important to treat your outside property as well. Good luck.

Nobody could pick you up for a few hours to bomb the house?

Vacuum house every day and empty bag out, because they will just jump out of it. It takes 3 months (at the least) of dosing all pets with name brand (not generic) flea medicine. (Frontline GOLD for cats and dogs, but Nexgard is best for dogs). Pick as many fleas off of animals as you can every day until you don’t find anymore. Make sure you kill the fleas. You can get a flea comb, it works wonders. Also make sure pets are dewormed because they will keep re-infesting themselves by chewing on themselves and accidentally swallowing flea eggs and then they hatch in their poop.

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Use diatomaceous earth food grade. Sprinkle on your floors, their food and on their bodies. Look it up. Just did this at my fiance’s house. Works


K9 advantix was the only thing that worked for my dog years ago

They may be under the wood and in the walls bomb crawls space and your entire home and then deep clean then bomb again

  1. Blue dawn dish soap for bathing the animals.
  2. Wash all soft material things in hot water. Bag up other things that can’t be washed.
  3. Vacuum floors and furniture.
  4. Seresto collars for all pets!! They are costly up front, but are soooooo worth the money. I adopted a puppy who was INFESTED with fleas and caused a huge infestation in my home. 1 week of Seresto collars on her and my INDOOR cats and the fleas were gone! We tried every other topical, pill and collar available and nothing worked.
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I’ll bet you my last dollar you have not treated your cars interior, and the pets are bringing them right back in.

Tea tree oil diluted with water … keep spraying on everything including yourself


I bought a house in south Carolina and it was infested with fleas. Someone told me to get seven dust and sprinkle my carpet and furniture and leave it overnight
I did that and I vaccuum ed next morn, floors and furniture . Never had another flea problem.

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