Needing help regarding gaining full custody

In the past year, he’s only helped me economically about four times. He sees his daughter once a week; if he feels like it, he’ll do at home visits. I haven’t put him on child support because I didn’t want to go through that route. I wanted to keep things civil for the sake of our child, but that has not been working out for me. He constantly wants to do whatever he wants. For example, he took her out last weekend and then last minute decided he wasn’t dropping her off at home as we had agreed. Instead, he decided he was going to take her with him. When I showed up at his place in the morning, he refused to give me my child and then proceeded to call me the most disrespectful names you can imagine. I just can’t take this anymore. Can someone help me with the whole child support process? Where do I begin, what offices do I visit to begin this process. Can I get full custody? I mean, I am the only present parent at all times. Also, what documents will I need? Thank you!


Go to food stamp office and they will help you.

Go see a lawyer and take childs birth certificate with you

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Visitation and child support are two different things. You can go to court and get both established. You could file for temporary sole custody, but if he goes to fight it most he will probably get is 50/50. If you know where your child support office is you van go there to file the paperwork for that. You really don’t have to go to court for it unless you have to establish paternity.


Go online to your states attorney general. You can get the paperwork online. Fill them out send them in. Wait for court date. They’ll probably also get him for back pay. Just remember ay that time standard visitation will be put in order. Unless you hire a lawyer, you can go for supervised visits. How far are you willing to take things.

2 sides to every story. You seem high conflict, especially with the “my child” comment. Men don’t like dealing with high conflict baby mamas. That’s good child as well. He has just as much right as you to your shared child. Both of you need to grow up for the sake of the child.


Go to dept of children and foodstamps

It depends where you are from? Some states have a friend of the court where u can file a motion for custody and they also handle child support. They’re located in the courthouse here in Michigan

Unless you can prove him unfit, a threat, abusive, etc chances are you will not get full custody…and its never “my child” the child has a father,whether he is full time there or not, so its BOTH your child.
Go to court for custody so things are legal…children and familes can help too. He should be supporting the child he created!

Child support and custody are 2 different cases. Most states have done away with “full” custody and do a 50/50 joint custody or parenting plan.

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Depends on what state you’re in. My child support office told me that even though my son’s father and I have never been married that even if he was to willingly and legally sign his rights over, I’d have to have someone to adopt him, which is bullshit. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a lawyer for next week because even though I can’t force him to sign his rights over (he hasn’t had anything to do with his son in 3 years. Not even so much as a happy birthday call) I can file for abandonment. You need to take him to court because as long as his name is on the birth certificate, he can take her and doesn’t have to give her back depending on your states laws. I’m in Tennessee.

Get yourself a lawyer. Document the visits. Keep track of dates and time. How many visits with her or takes her. It may not what u want but if he cant be trusted then you need to make sure it works out for you and your daughter. The lawyer will tell you what steps need to be taken to see this through

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I would call the courthouse. Ask them which court you file for custody at. Then take your child’s birth certificate to that courthouse file for temporary full physical custody. That will give you full physical custody paper work until your court date. Most judges try to keep 50/50 joint custody these days but you can ask for full physical custody with him still having joint. Good luck a lawyer is your best chance but if you can’t afford that go this route. At least with court ordered visitation you can specify pick up and drop off and if he changes any thing he is breaking a court order.

It also depends on if y’all was married in Arkansas if y’all was never married the mother has full custody and the father had to file for visiting rights

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Your custody will be 50/50. It’s his kid too…whether he pays support or not. You can go to court & ask for a free family pack to set up visitation…so visits, pick up & drop offs cant be at will or changed. Support is different. Depending on how much he makes & how often he has the child. They may also require the support money to be retroactive from the day of the child’s birth. Nowadays, if they’re behind on child support payments, income tax return is sent to the mom…so support is caught up.


Unless you want joint custody dont go for the support

Fill out the app online when you go make sure you say you want visits in a “safe place” ( court will a assign you to a place to meet you check her in and leave then he goes and visits and you check him or her back out so he can’t just up and take her after he misses so many visits you can get a lawyer and go back to court thing it i d k what state you in but in Texas they don’t let the father give up rights unless some one is willing to adopted them )

Just go to freaking court. Your only fucking yourself over in the end

Y’alls child. Thats the first thing is see. Is you trying to control it all. Even saying your the only active parent even tho he sees and has the child often. That’s 2 different thing’s. He is a involved parent as he sees his child so i don’t see you getting full custody. Just go to child support office and file for him to pay. Set up a parenting plan for times as it should be shared custody. Just because your the mother doesn’t make you right and him wrong.

Like many of these questions, the ease of this will depend on the state your are living. For example; I have joint custody with my ex, primary physical custody with me. The order is written so this essentially means he would have access to medical and school records, etc., if he wanted and would get scheduled visitation. He also would be responsible for child support as the primary residence is with me. I am able to move, if I want, but would have to make reasonable accommodations for him to keep his visits, if it were significantly further than I live now. Your first step would be to call the courthouse and find out what paperwork needs to be filed. If you have a custody arrangement, I imagine there is a section that states who has primary physical custody? If not, that is what you may want to look into modifying. Modify that, add child support and modify visitation. (Some states will set separate court dates for custody/visitation and child support, as well as have separate paperwork).