Needing help with baby names

Hi, I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant and scheduled to be induced on December 1st. The only two names my husband and I both like are Paislee Jane and Avalee Jane, but I’m just not in love with either name. Jane is his mother’s middle name, so I know that will definitely be the middle name, but I’m curious which name everyone likes better between the two.


I like Avalee because it’s different :heart:

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What about (Posie Jane, or Alivia Jane)

What about Everlee Jane?

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Sticking with the A’s and P’s

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Avalee is both unique and fits well with Jane

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avalee is so beautiful i love it

I really like them both​:heart:… But Avalee Jane is really unique and beautiful :heart:

Avalee is pretty and unique. Goes lovely with the middle name :heartpulse:

My daughter’s name is Sara Jane. First name after my mom & no one is making their kids names like Sara anymore.


Either names are beautiful

Avalee is pretty but if you’re looking for something different I named my girls breeanna, kaitlyne, and laci

LOVE Avalee, I have a great aunt with that name & ive always loved it. It’s so different.

Turn the V to a Z and Azalee Jane is adorable

I have an Eliza Jane


Both lovely names…don’t worry what others think…you aleeady know the answer, leave it a surprise…

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I have a niece named Avalee so I recommend that :+1:

Definitely Paislee Jane!

My girl name pick was Bethany