Needing help with naming my daughter after my father Richard

I thought about naming my daughter after my dad, who’s name is Richard but I can’t seem to come up with a girl’s name. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ciarha, Char, Richelle

Richie, Ricky, can be spelt differently Rickee, Rickie, Rikki

Maybe as a middle name.Richi. It’s hard.

Instead of a first name do it as the middle

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Look up meaning if the name Richard. richi is one it sounds girli.

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Ricarda is Spanish version


Chard, the ch sounds like Chardonnay. :grinning:

Rikki❤️…my daughter’s name as well

What is ur dad’s middle name? May be easier. My granddaughter has her uncle’s middle name, Leslie. And it fits nicely


Richenda, Rickie, Rikki, Ricki, or Rikkie

Reese Shea (maybe too much of a stretch)

My husband tried to get anyone to name a girl Richetta. No one dis.

Chardalynn, Riquel, Charity, Charista, Charlayna, RichiLyn

Ricarda in Spanish… with the O at the end it means Richard in Spanish


Richanda(Rishaunda pronounced)

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Rochelle or Charlotte?

The meaning of the name Richelle is: “Rich and Powerful ruler; Derivative: Feminine form of Richard”. From Google lol