Needing ideas to tell my husband I am pregnant!

Hi can you give me ideas on how to tell my husband I’m pregnant !!!


Pretend you’re gossiping about someone and say OMG YOULL NEVER GUESS WHOS HAVING A BABY!! and when he says who? Throw a stick at him and say YOU! :sweat_smile:


Wrap up a pregnancy test in a box and give it to him. Or even a little baby outfit… or a daddy gift (something with daddy an the year due)

If you know how to crochet/sew you could make baby clothes/booties until he notices and asks what you’re doing :wink:

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Put a bun in your oven

Wrap the stick with an announcement

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I bought a onsie that said “Rad just like my dad” and a baby hat and wrapped it up. He opened it and cried! That was a long 13 month process getting pregnant! Sadly we lost her at 16 weeks but then i was pregnant again 7 months later and i just flat out told him.

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This is from Wish!
Dress a teddy in it and leave it hanging around…?


What’s the problem y’all ain’t been having sex or what


I been waiting 2 months for stuff from wish and it say it won’t be here till September 24 takes way to long

I don’t know how you guys can do stuff like this. Very cute ideas but I can never wait! I just blurt it out :sweat_smile:


Congratulations and I would just tell him I couldn’t hold water when it came to that lol

What I did with my hubby when I found out I was pregnant with our first was walk up to him (with the pregnancy test behind my back) and say “hi daddy”…at first he looked at me like I was stupid. I continued to grin at him and then it sunk in. That’s how I told my mom as well “hi grandma” she cried, with all 3 pregnancies ( I miscarried my first)

I wanted to have another baby and my husband said in another year but I was pregnant :grin::grinning: so I said to him hey guess what happened to me…I gave him the pregnancy test results that I had done at home ta da :grinning::grin: magic :grin::joy:

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I told my significant other that I wasn’t feeling well for days then boom I sent him a text saying “I think I need a pregnancy test”

Are men supposed to be in this group ! ? Look above for a comment please thats rude thank you

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I told my husband with our first that I needed to call the doctor to make an appointment. He was like, okay, why? I said because the stick was positive…lol.

Personally I just yelled “oh my god” from the bathroom :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:


Pinterest would be the best way to get so many ideas! Look on their website or you can download the app…

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I did a scavenger hunt around the house, it ended in the spare room with a note, the stick and an i love daddy onesie :slight_smile:

I gave my husband a paper bag with booties and a dummy