Needing organization ideas!

I need organization ideas! Send me everything you got that you found helpful when it comes to organizing! My kid’s toys are my nemesis right now!


Storage cube shelves with cubes. I used a over the door shoe organizer to hold the million Barbie/monster high dolls. Plastic shoe boxes with lids for Barbie clothes and shoes and one for each thing, braclet v making supplies, Pokemon cards ect

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My kids had a lot of grandparents. We were blessed to still have great grandparents. And our parents remarried, generating even more. Each wanted to give them a special gift, but so many at once was overstimulating and they just threw the parts everywhere. We started boxing everything up except a few, then taking back the few and giving out a few more. This allowed them to appreciate the ones they had. Plus, it was less to clean up. And it felt like new toys when we took them back out, bridging the gaps between Christmases and birthdays.

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Bookshelves are a must, hanging baskets and shoe organizers are awesome.

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Get an older kid with OCD. Lol. (My teen keeps my toddlers toys super organized… she has ocd and can’t stand it)
But in all seriousness, we have toys separated in bins. Dolls/dollhouse…Cars/trucks…puzzles/coloring
It makes it super easy for her to clean up herself

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I bought buckets, toy organizers, over the door shoe organizers and hanging organizers. I organized all my kids toys, labeled everything so they knew where to put everything when they were done. All for it to end up all unorganized and everything in whatever bucket they decided to toss it in when I said pick up the room. Im not giving up yet but its a struggle. Good luck!

I stacked 3 milk crates together twice, connected with cable ties. Then put a broom stick through the holes near the top of each stack. Baskets are in the milk crates. It’s great for doll clothes & accessory storage. Doll closet/dressers.

Shoe organizers are great for smaller toys like Barbies, action figures & cars. They can see their collection & take what they need instead of dumping the box out.

Of course nothing works unless the kids use it. That’s my problem. They take toys out but won’t put them back.

Label everything. It helps them learn where to put them & helps littles learn to read.

I got one of those vine organizers. You know the ones with the little baskets you put in them. Seems to hold her toys better than a toy box and I can organize it by toy type. So one bucket and you have all your color stuff. Or dolls. Or whatever. No pulling everything out to find it.

I buy each child 3 baskets. If it doesn’t fit in the baskets, they can’t keep it.

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We put half away in a container and switch them out every so often. So that way my son doesn’t get bored with what he has and his toys are not everywhere.

Throw stuff away when they aren’t looking. Or donate, no need to have so much it overwhelmed you and clutters your house.

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When kids were small I’d swap out their toys. Put extra ones on a secret shelf and switch out about every 6 months. They always thought they were getting new ones :hugs:

Bookcases with baskets/bins & books of course. Doesn’t have to be perfect… just off the floor. Lol They have good affordable ones at target that I bought a few years ago and held up well. I also try to keep most of the toys in her room cuz I don’t want them everywhere. so they go back when done playing