Needing positive stories about finding love after ending a relationship with childs father

Can I get some good, heartfelt, happy stories about finding love after separating from your children’s bio-father? We are separated. I dated a guy (long distance) for about six months. Last night he officially broke up with me because he decided that me having kids (I have two) scared the shit out of him because, I guess, he doesn’t want any of his own. My heart is broken, and I just want to know that it’s not impossible to find a real good guy that’s accepting of all of me (kids included). He was AMAZING up until those words came out of his mouth, and now I’m just shattered :disappointed_relieved: it’s one thing if I can fix what’s wrong, but this situation I cannot change.


It will happen! I left my husband of 4 yrs last year. I focused on myself and my kids. I was FINALLY happy being alone and getting to relearn who i was outside of being a mother and wife. And then my best friend of 15 years decided to tell me he had had feelings for me since high school. I was hesitant because i didnt want to lose his friendship and i was so happy being alone. But it ended up being the best thing to happen. Im so happy now! Keep your chin up, momma!

I met my man off pof I had been single for a few years despite lots of dating, he had no kids I had 3. 5 years later we have one together and he’s just adopted my kids as his own x we took it slow cause it had to be right for the kids and a big commitment and life change for him. Wishing you lots off luck for your future

I left my kids bio dad when I was 7 months pregnant with our second. That baby is 6 now (for reference.)
Two years ago I met my now husband. He’s an incredible man. Accepted my daughters as his own and actually dropped to his knees and hugged that 6 year old the first time she called him daddy. He blessed me with an incredible bonus son. We have a 2 month old together now :heart: I went from days of crying with that ex, to contented happiness on the regular.

I found love about 3 months afterwards with myself! Got to love yourself first.


I was with my ex husband for 8 years 4 kidd later he was a pos. Anyways now I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years he has 1 kid and 1 step from his marriage i have 4 and I’ve never been so happy!!

Not my personal story but my mom’s. She got divorced and was alone with her daughter. She dated tons of awful men and then one day she needed a technician to come to her house to install her phone. (My dad). After installing her phone he began to come around and help her with other things. He took her in his car to help her get her groceries (because that’s hard to do with taking the bus and a baby in tow). He wanted to be helpful to her in any way he could. They grew closer, they got married, he adopted her daughter and they had 3 more kids together. They are still married 45 years later and now have 2 son-laws and 4 grandchildren now.

I left my kids bio dad 8 weeks after our twins were born . I also had a 4 year old with him. 2 months later found an amazing guy on my neighbors front yard , (literally). 7 years later we had a set of twins together. He’s an awesome Dad to all the kids. It will happen when and where you least expect it. :heart::heart:

Keep going it will be fine,life is tough dont be a victim.x

Very possible. About to have a 3rd dating anniversary with mine. He’s been in my kids life for almost 3 1/2. We were co-workers before. Now we have done a ton of interstate travel, moved a couple times and found a perfect spot. He doesn’t want kids because “ours” are perfect

After my ugly separation I found my husband shortly after legal paperwork was complete for my children. With children us women have to be cautious of who we bring into their lives. Hes out there dont be discouraged and it will work out.

I was separated foe 18 months. I dated someone but he didn’t want the same things from relationship. I wanted to be married. I have 5 kids but only 3 lived with me ( teens).it was too much for him. I broke it off. Exactly a month later, I met a great guy online. We met in person after talking online for just a couple days! 5 months later we were married. He wasn’t afraid to be a step dad. And I gained another son from him( stepson). Don’t settle. Be patient. You will get what you want!

My bestie always said she would never find love. It was her and her daughter against the world. She stopped looking. And bam! She has been with her new guy 2 years and her new baby is 9 years younger than her oldest. She is in absolute heaven. He is just what she needed. I love seeing them! :purple_heart:

Love yourself first with being alone and learning how to be happy on your own first :heart: i promise that once you do that the right man will come along. The right man will see how you love yourself and your kids and say I want to be a part of that family. Believe it or not theres plenty fishes in the sea. You’ll be okay. But you have to be okay with being alone first or else you’re just going to break your own heart and those around you.


First, focus on officially getting divorced from your husband…if you are only separated, you don’t want any issues with being charged for adultery because you are dating. Then considered hanging out with your children where other single parents may take their kids. You could meet some really great, fun guys this way…

I have a son from my previous marriage, I met the man im married to now when my son was 3. Hes raised him like his own and he calls him dad now, hes almost 9 and my husband is the most amazing father to him. Its definitely possible to find love when you have kids, but never rush into it. Kids come first and you dont want to bring someone around them till you know it’ll be permanent

Don’t be in a big hurry to get validation that you’re lovable. YOU ARE!!! Being on your own for a bit is also a good thing, doesn’t mean you’re a loser or inept of anything. You can discover a bit about yourself and love yourself first and foremost. Best wishes!

I divorced after 16 years and have 2 kids. For months I dated around but nothing serious. I wasn’t wanting anything long term been there done that. I was working an inbetween job to pay the bills and here he comes walking in. A week later we met up and have been together ever since. Its been 9 years

I’m divorced have 2 kids with him and my fiancee now was scared and had a hard time at first… We broke up and it was rough but I guess he realized we were what he wanted and now almost 4 yrs later we have a baby girl together and he’s an amazing dad to all 3 kids. He gets along with my ex and we do family stuff together with the kids. I know that was not easy for him at first either but now it’s amazing. It is possible! There are men out there who will not think twice about loving you and your babies. Just don’t settle. I made it very clear, it’s me and my kids or nothing.

I was 24 with two kids when I met a 21yr old guy. I tried to tell him to go be with someone his age that he could start a family with but he chose to stick around. We’ve been together for 18yrs now… My daughter is married with her 4th baby on the way, my oldest son is a senior at CSU and my youngest (our son together) just started his sophomore year in hs! Don’t give up. There’s still good men out there