Needing potty training advice for my son

So I’m potty training my two-year-old son. He turned two on June 24th. I can already tell he’s going to be MUCH harder than my daughter. So far, we’re on day 2. I’ve got him stripped bare naked. He can’t do the underwear thing cause he just pees in them every time. And if he’s naked, at least I can see when he’s peeing and try to intervene. I need tips!!! I’ve been giving him drinks non stop, but it seems like every time he sits on the potty, he holds it. He HAS to be holding it because I sat him on the toilet for almost an hour while watching tv and nothing! But as soon as he stood up and started playing, he peed after about 5 mins.


He’s obviously not ready. Wait a few weeks then try again.


He’s not ready yet. Try again in a couple months

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That’s early for a boy. But also I wouldn’t sit him have him standing from the get go.

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Not ready. I tried to force my boys to potty train when they weren’t ready and it failed miserably. Don’t put more stress on yourself than you need. Not worth it.

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Doesn’t sound like he’s ready, my son was almost 3 before we could even start trying it

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We introduced the urinal type to our son n he loved the fact he was peeing standing up n went to it every time he had to go. We absolutely love it.

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I’d wait to start him, it sounds like he isn’t ready. Plus, he shouldn’t be sitting he should be standing. Give him some cheerios to aim at. It’ll be fun for him.

Let him take the lead. That’s what we have done with our girls. My oldest was potty trained by 3, middle at 4 and my youngest is in the process, she’s 3. If you push when they aren’t ready it is so much more difficult and every child is different. I wouldn’t worry, he still has plenty of time.

Typically boys start a little later. He is still pretty young I would wait try again at 2 1/2 . Encourage him if he shows interest but don’t force it. Try doing it first thing when he gets up, before bath and bed. I work with 2 to 3 yrs old children and have literally help parents potty train hundreds (35 yrs in the business) of kids .

It really doesn’t sound like he’s ready…but you can try to make it fun and see if he’ll play along…put a few Cheerios in the toilet and tell him to try to hit them when he pees. Both my boys were stubborn and I had to go with their time line. Peeing off the porch was their favorite :rofl:, but I always told them to stand.

Maybe he’s not ready yet. My son is 2 also he turned 2 May 1st and my son I sit him on the toilet and I show him this is where u pee pee and poop but he doesn’t seem to understand fully what it is yet. I’m gonna try next month. They say do it when they are showing signs of being ready it’s not good to force it. Try again next month

He doesn’t seem ready… don’t force it

Please don’t sit him on the toilet for an hour. Imagine if you did that to yourself. Your legs and butt would hurt. You wouldn’t be able to walk. Both legs would be asleep.

I didn’t start potty training my son under recently and he is a little over 3. Boys tend to be ready later, and while its still a battle it is easier than trying before. I set a timer for 10 minutes, i started at 5 minutes. I do 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on. If he pees on my floor, he cleans it, then we go right to the potty to sit, then we get fresh undies and change them. Ive managed to get him from not going on the potty at all to peeing in it most of the day, as well as occasionally pooing, and also he has extended his ability to hold it from 10 minutes to almost 30. Its a slow process but its a lot of consistency and positive encouragement. My girl I trained in one day, she was night trained within a few months without me ever training her, she just did it on her own. My son is a lot harder and I have to actively train him daily, we still aren’t to the point where he will tell me when he has to go but we are working towards that.

My son was 3. Don’t stress yourself out pushing him when he’s not ready. Wait until he’s ready and it will be so much easier on both of you.

Being to firm while toilet training can make it much harder cause he will get anxiety if you make him sit too long. He isnt ready and you should wait and not a big deal about it. Good Luck

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I didn’t do it completely with both of my oldest until 3, it’s ok to introduce the chair, but it sounds like he’s not ready. When they start ripping off wet diapers or wanting to try the potty, that’s when you jump on it. Also a reward system works great! Like a sticker potty chart, or a piece of candy after they go.

Hes not ready by the sounds

Hes not ready, my first daughter was potty trained before two and my second daughter was two weeks after she turned three, i let them take the lead x