Needing potty training advice

My youngest daughter is 2. And I think she is ready to potty train but is sooo stubborn. I will put her on the potty, and we’ve sat there for almost an hour and her not do anything, but as soon as I take her off and put her in a diaper, pull-up, or panties, she pees in them. I also wake up, and she has taken off her pants and diaper and had peed on her floor. What do I do?!


Obviously sounds like she isn’t ready


My daughter was like this for a little bit. She was too scared until after she turned 3 and then she was ready. We had to try multiple different potty chairs until she found one she would use. We also did small surprises to encourage her to go.

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Sounds like she’s not ready hon. No worries.

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Ugh. So my knee jerk reaction is to spank her! Peeing on the floor is absolutely not acceptable. But yes she’s not ready. For the toilet. Try getting her something smaller? She might not know what to do with it. So ask her if she has to go then put her on the toilet with her pull up still on. Don’t worry about the time limit. When you limit the time, you limit her, and that’s not going to make things go any faster. You definitely have her in the right direction but the issue isn’t the potty training it’s peeing on the floor. She knows it’s supposed to go somewhere. Start there.


Stop. And try again in a few months. My daughter was interested off and on for almost a year. She just turned 3 in Aug and was fully potty trained in a weeks time when SHE was ready.


My little one had one of those minature potties and it was in the restroom. Whenever i would go she would go in with me, she didnt use it but she would sit there and i would explain to her. She would start asking me questions about what i was doing on the toilet. I did rewards for her using the potty, candy and a fun chart with stickers. And i did diaperless, she had a few accidents but got it quickly!! But she also used the potty 2 times and didnt use it again for 6 months so it can take some time! But i recommend the little potty snd its nice for emergencies if someone is using the restroom!

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This book help me a lot. I definitely recommend it.

Pediatricians recommend to begin at age three but each child is different sounds like she may not be ready. But she may need a little more motivation to.

When she is ready dont use pull ups or diapers. I fought my boys through months of potty training. Someone gave me that advice when my daughter was ready to start and we never looked back. She was trained in a week or two. It’s all about timing if she isnt ready now just wait a little longer. And maybe try some bib coveralls or footie jammies something that will make removing the pull up a little more difficult until you get there

okay but what can I do I have a 3 year old and she was potty trained suddenly after we told her she was having a sister she started peeing in her bed and I’ve even tried waking up throughout the night to go wake her up to use the restroom & she does go but she still somehow pees herself

My daughter jumps off and then pees on the floor. 2 is a fun age!

Sounds like she’s not completely ready… make it a fun thing when you introduce the training potty though.

I am currently potty training my 1 year old. Its a battle but consistency is key. both of my girls were potty train fully by 2 years old. I bought my son a cow potty for like $12 on amazon and he loves to sit on it and “try”, but when he actually does have to pee he gets up and squats next to it. I tell him no and put him on the toilet as soon as he starts. Kids always have little tells if they need to pee you have to learn and watch for them and when they start showing the signs then rush them to the potty chair if she uses it reward her with something (we do stickers, carrot sticks, or string cheese) and always clap when she goes in her big girl potty! Get her excited about it and getting the rewards for doing it will all help.

If you are a stay at home mom commit yourself to three days straight put her on the potty 15 min on 50 min off . Put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet before she sits down and tell her to see if she can pee on it. Treat her with her favorite juice. Keep her drinking so it will give her the urge when it’s time to sit back on the toilet.

My daughter was the same. She would even take off her diaper and put on her underwear and then pee in them. I ended up putting a tarp down putting her potty on it and then grabbed a bunch of books and toys. I also had a reward bucket so that if she was successful she got a prize. Then I set a timer for every 10 minutes and put her on the potty when it went off. One time she was standing beside the potty when the timer went off and she peed so I had her try to clean herself and the mess on the tarp (of course I helped her) she was sk disgusted with having to clean her mess that she did whatever she could to avoid it again.

I tried to potty train at 2 because she was showing signs of bring ready, but like you she didn’t want to learn. So I held off and when she was 2 and a half I tried again. This time I decided to just put her in panties (unless we had to go somewhere) and took her to the potty very often and made sure to be ready to clean up any accidents which wjere inevitable. It took about 2 weeks, but after that there where no accidents.

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2 is too young! My daughter was ready at 3 and we only used pull ups for two months before she was dry every night. I put a small potty in her room near the door in case she needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t get there in time. Worked like a charm!

Then shes not ready.

Sounds like she isn’t ready don’t force it as it will take longer. Best to wait till she tells u