Needing potty training tips for a boy!

Hi mamas. I’m a first-time mom here, and my son is about to be 18 months. He’s showing that he’s ready for potty training by letting me know when he’s about to poop, or he needs his diaper changes. I just needs some tips on how to potty train a boy?


I always put my boys on the potty when I was running there bath, the running water always encouraged them to pee and I was done before they were 2

dont sweat it too much. Tons of internet professional advice … Too much to share . I went through that too as a gma . It worked out eventually. Keep trying .

backwards on the toilet worked for me
if u got a plastic toilets seat give him a dry earase marker n let him doodle for a while when he pees/ poops jump aroumd make a big deal how happy u are for him

Naked. Lots of naked and several potty chairs We always tried first thing in the morning and before baths. Naked i could watch them kind of grab at themselves and we ran to the nearest potty then we gave treats m&ms were our favorite even if it was 2 drops Oh have them sit to pee or you get a mess. :grimacing: mine were 5 ish before they stood


Best of luck. Mine stays naked 90% of the day while we’re potty training. If theres some special secret to it all, please clue me in when you find out :upside_down_face:

Fruit loops and cheerios for targets to help learn to aim…

I have 2 boys and 5 girls… so when I started having boys I didn’t know what in the world I was doing lol. What ended up working for me is putting the boys facing the back of the toilet. And let them run around the house with no underwear. And when they used the potty I’d make a really big deal and give them a treat that they liked. Worked like a charm!

Don’t rush them maybe undies on and a tshirt for the day so they can have less clothes to remove when going to the toilet. Praise them and reassurance make it a game fun. I have 3 sons potty is good for number 2 and then have a stool that they can climb onto and leave the toilet lid up all the time. Make it fun and reward them when they do it.

Fruit loops in the toilet for aiming

Naked and we had a step ladder and small toilet seat which I left in place all the time, plus a sticker chart for each time they went - extra special stickers for poos as they were reluctant to use the toilet for those initially

Cheerios in the toilet and have him aim! That was how I got my son to first try, and lots of naked time. We’re still working on #2 he seems to be more resistant to that but I’ve stopping pushing too hard and he’s actually been more willing to try if I give him the choice of diaper or potty :woman_shrugging:t3: we’ll get there one day lol

I had two boys and one daughter. The boys took longer to train. Try the cheerio trick. My oldest took the longest. But that goes without saying. Enjoy your baby. No stressing. He will do it when he’s ready :heavy_heart_exclamation:

No different than a girl. I always took my kids straight to the potty chair as soon as they woke up in the morning. Then I always took them every hour after that and if they didn’t use it at that time I would try 15-30 mins later. I would always have something to reward them if they used the potty.


Cheerios in the potty… Gotta hit :dart: the cheerios when u pee


My son is 2 and is fully potty trained. My advise Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. I have girls and a boy and boys are harder so Consistency was the key. Don’t forget to have fun with it, it can be stressful but its doable.

Research 3 day method worked like a charm

If u have a tree out back. Make a target… have him shoot at the target… that’s how my son taught his twin boys. Make a game of it.

Way too young for going #2 by himself.

Ask his father to show him .

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