Needing prayers for my daughter and her roommate who just found out they have COVID

I don’t know if this is allowed but my daughter that is in her 20’s just found out she had COVID-19 & 1 of her roommates has it as well. The other roomates are waiting for their results. I just would like to ask for prayers for my daughter & these girls. They have to quarantine in their apartment for 14 days so I can’t be with her & she is by herself. None of the girls can be with their parents & they all need as many prayers as possible. Please let me know if this is allowed here in this group. Thank you

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Prayers for speedy recoveries and no complications!

Prayers for healing and strength…

Prayers for each one of them and their families too.

:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: prayers for healing and strength

My son’s roommate tested positive, as did his whole family. Thankfully my son, his girlfriend and his roommates girlfriend all tested negative. However it was an agonizing couple of weeks. Stay strong, it’s so hard not to be able to do anything :pray:t2:

I’m so sorry! It’s awful when we can’t be there for our kid’s when they are sick! Even as young adults! Just said a prayer for your daughter and her friends. Didn’t have names but I’m sure God knows who we are praying for. :heart::pray:

Jesus…into your hands

Praying for the girls that God is going to heal each of them in the name of Jesus!!

Corona virus is everywhere. It has infected one of our family members as well. He is over it now. Thank God!:cupid:

Praying for recovery :pray::pray:, make sure they take the hydroxychorquine, ZPac and Zinc, if they can’t take high doses of vitamin C, D3 and Zinc, also see if you can find quinone

Sending many prayers

Prayers I hope she recovers ok

Prayers 5 in my family had it but all are doing well well

Praying for all and speedy recovery

Sending healing prayers. May God bless one and all

Praying for you and your family in this time may this flu go out of there body and may there get better in the 14 days .

Goodluck…lm am.sure.they will be fine…they are young and healthy…its just horrible all the

Prayers ! Lots of Hot ginger lemon tea with honey ! And gargles with warm vinegar lemon and salt 2x a day and tea 2x a day stay hydrated! Need to eat healthy food during the the 14 days ! And oranges! Take care !

Just try keep in touch by or face time maybe order her some groceries or takeout daily phone calls if possible