Needing some Christmas ideas for my 3 year old

You all I’m having such a hard idea with Christmas ideas for my three-year-old daughter. She loves baby dolls, but she has literally everything you could imagine for them. What’re some things your littles are into that maybe I can introduce to her.


Our girls love to draw/color/paint so we get them art kits and they have an Olaf play dough set. They also love to push around shopping carts and stuff.

My daughter too but i buy her everything i see lol

Does she like to help you in the kitchen? With chores? Maybe toy kitchen appliances, pots and pans etc.

when my daughter was that age we bought her a play kitchen set with all kinds of play food to go with it and the little pots and pans to go with it. I would buy her things to go with the baby dolls such as baby doll cribs they’re closed or food all of that. she was a My Generation Girl so we was buying My Generation stuff which can be very expensive but there is some ideas

My go to for all gifts especially little ones is books. My kids and my grandkids always loved their books. They even pass them down to the younger ones.

Does she like to help in the kitchen? They make real cooking tools for kids that are easy/safe and colorful. There are also boxes like little passports that teaches about different countries, similarly there are stem and cooking boxes that can be mailed directly to her. Fun hair bows/headbands/hand mirror so she can start to style her own hair, my four year old just asked for a cd player to have music in his room… playdough always wins, I second the art kits too

Buy waterpark passes, aquarium passes, zoo passes or go to Disney world for a weekend in December.

My girls love their toy kitchen even the 9 year old, lol

Toy kitchen, washable soft play food (much kinder to feet than wood or plastic! :joy:), a microwave, a washing machine, a shopping till and trolley, a three wheel scooter, a double dolly buggy (tandem three wheeler one is great).

We do the little people stuff along with the large magnetics and the wall decals our kids love those.

How about something that I’ll start to stimulate in her mind. Puzzles and painting are fun.

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Heres what I’ve done this year. Everytime we go to target or meijers we swing through toys.
So example. My son has played with a jurrasic park trex the last 3 times we have gone. So I took a picture of him with it and said I was texting santa. Then on another visit he played with another toy several different visits.

Takes forever but hes essentially picked out his own presents.

We are at an octonauts play set. A jack skellington plush, a nightmare before Christmas throw. Jurrasic park trex. A shark figure thing. Some small random trinket crap for a small stocking.
I just need to go get 2 more jurrasic park dinosaurs and hes all done. Hes picked it all out himself.

I created a mindfulness, empowering little treasure chest for girls, a unicorn and a mermaid theme one. It has a beautiful empowering colouring books and lots of premium components. Mini me and I worked on this project for a long time. Send me a message if you would like to be a tester before they get to amazon. We also make first music boxes with dainty little jewelry! I’ll leave you some pics.

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does she have american girl doll and theres a younger version of her my daughter loved hers

I plan to get my daughter color wonder art stuff. It only colors on special paper.

Play kitchen picnic basket. Shopping cart where the doll can sit in it. Matching pjs/robe with doll. Seat for doll to attach to bicycle. Play make up. Magnetiles. My 3yo wants blinger. I got her a mermaid tail with a doll size to match. Besides the stroller, crib, high chair… my daughter has twin dolls that came with a double sided swing, kind of like a seesaw.

My little pony. Dress up supplies. Puzzles!

Pretend play things like a kitchen, tools etc. Learning toys like leap frog/ vtech. Puzzles, anything to do with building. Balance bike, scooter.

Make a house for the dolls from boxes or old piece of furniture, paint it or use wallpaper to decorate the inside of the boxes