Needing some potty training advice

I need advice on potty training my toddler. She turns 3 in May and will only use the potty chair occasionally. Some days she’s all about it; others, she refuses to even try. We’ve tried treats, and that just turns into a fight. I don’t know what else to do.


Give her time. Stop trying to force it.

Toys worked with my son. Took me forever to figure it out and it was expensive for a week or two but it worked. Bring her and let her pick out some fun stuff and hide it when you get home and give it to her one by one :grin:

My daughter turns 3 in April and she’s only gone on the potty once. I’m not going to fight her, she’ll go when she’s ready.

Look up cocomelon potty song my son loves it and wants to go every time I sing the song to him but he’s only 14 months so I dunno if that would work for a 3 year olds but no harm in trying

Wait. She may not be ready just yet. Mine didn’t fully want to train until they turned 3. Nothing wrong with that just don’t give up asking. They will get there

Give it time took us a whole year to be fully potty trained. I let him set the pace. We had a toilet seat and potty chair.

My daughter stopped weeing herself as she hated the feel of wet clothes on her I’ve been potty training 4 wks now and not had one single accident

Honestly I tried to potty train my daughter before she turned 3 and it didn’t happen, she had a ton of accidents and nothing seemed to work. I left it alone and tired again after her 3rd birthday in October and she is now in her 2 week of potty training and doing great. They will go when they are ready even, try again give her some time

I just got done potty training my 4 soon to be 5 year old son. The trick. Take the child to bathroom every half hour. Set a timer It took us a week and he can go potty by himself. Once the child gets it reward with a toy.

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My daughter turned 3 in August. She’s been using the potty consistently for a few weeks (we’re still struggling on the #2).

Toddlers will not potty train unless they are ready. Please do not force it. Honestly forcing only makes it harder on you as the parent and makes for a frustrated toddler. My pediatrician told me as long as she’s potty trained by the time she goes to school, it’s no biggie. Some toddlers are ready earlier than others. We would let her sit on the potty when she wanted to, even if she didn’t go.

Look up Elmination Coummunication(EC)

Don’t force it! Let her go when she wants and when she is ready she will go for it all the way! Wait patiently for her.

I just trained my stubborn 2year old. I bought a Minnie Mouse toilet that flushes and cheers for you. I emphasized on a treat once she went potty and made a big deal about having her flush the toilet when we spilled her pee or poo out and telling her how good she’s doing . The whole family also cheers for her. She gets so excited!

I went out and got nail polish, hair ties, head bands, stickers, play doh etc if she did every wee on her potty for that day, after dinner she got to pick something from the special box. My 2nd daughter a special box full of chocolate and lollies worked. Good Luck.

Try starting off with telling her you’re putting “daytime/nighttime pull-ups” on respectively and after a few days have her “throw away” her daytime pull-up and put underwear on her

I tried getting my son to use little pottys and he hated them. Then I told him to try the big toilet and he like it better than the small pottys

My 2 1/2 yr old was like that. She knew how to but choose to do it off and on no matter what. Then one day she was watching YouTube and these videos for opening up Hatchimals came on and she became instantly obsessed. So I made her a deal 7 days of going on the potty and only wearing diapers to bed, I would get her a pack of them. That day she started and never looked back. She really wanted those eggs and it gave her the motivation to potty train.

So she is 2 1/2?? That’s early

All 3 of my kids started potty training when they turned 2 and they were good within 2 weeks. First thing we did was throw out all the diapers and never bought pull ups. I took them to the potty every 30 minutes (every hour over night) and every time they went potty I made a huge deal about it cheering and clapping. After a full day of them going on their own they got a piece of candy.