Needing stocking stuffer ideas for a toddler

I need stocking stuffer ideas for my 20-month-old girl!


Bath toys, bath paint, finger puppets, crafts (crayons, washable markers, paints)

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I did mittens, fruit snacks, new tooth brush, a new sippy, bubbles or chalk, jumbo crayons and a rolled up coloring book.

Sippy cup with lid and straw, snack or 2, small doll, colored socks

Bubbles, a fruit (our heritage tradition), warm fuzzy socks, a snack, a book, a toothbrush, a chapstick or bath bubbles or bath finger paint (its soap but they can โ€œpaintโ€ the tub, things from the dollar tree or dollar section of target usually have some cute stocking stuffers too!

new cups

I done my daughter a Christmas Eve box (like a stocking but in a box to open Christmas Eve) sheโ€™s 2 years old

Books bubbles crayons tub toys

Socks. Hat. Toothbrush. Hair bows

When my daughter was that age I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her. All she would reply was โ€œan apple and an orangeโ€. So for 46 years we all have received and apple and an orange. And other stuff. During the Great Depression these were luxury items.

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when I was a kid we didnโ€™t have stocking but we had a shoe box, but I was born in the 50โ€™s but my mother would put a apple, orange, banana , a hand full of mix nuts and some ribbon candy and we thought it was great !!!

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My daughter loved those cute little solid plastic braclets, hair clips

We always received apple,orange,ribbon candy candy cane ,nuts in the shell.we looked forward to our stocking because with 7 kids we didnโ€™t get any of the goodies very often.

We always got an orange, the lifesavers box that looked like a book, huge peppermint stick that was like an inch thick, chapstick, small things like the big crayons crayons/ coloring book.

Bath toys, hair accessories, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, board books, sippy cups, character plate and silverware

I always go to the dollar tree and get little things kids can use. one thing they all love is those magic wash cloths. they just unfold and grow when you put them in the tub with them. my one niece really loves anything with painting and those preprinted paint boards come in stocking size and up. never knock out the gold fish crackers they will always be a welcome gift no matter what age the child. but you know your child best and you know what they like.

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My oldest is 21 now, but I have always done a fun tooth brush and tooth paste for each one.

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Bubbles chalk coloring Books and crayons bathtub toys

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I always get bath toys for stockings.

New tub toys, food pouches, snacks, bows/clippies, toddler play phone or gadget