Needing tips on balancing work and being a single mom: Advice?

I need tips on balancing work and home life as a single mom. My work is very demanding, I work overtime a lot. How do I balance work with cold and flu season getting my son called out of daycare so much? Any tips please, i am trying my best and running out of options.


Just keep doing the best you can.

Volunteer to pick up shifts when you have to leave early. Work hard so that you arent leaving a lot of work around too. Make sure you always apologize when you have to leave. Have the daycare call work too so that they actually see its them and not you just wanting to leave. Always, always get doctors notes and only miss when you HAVE to. It’s hard but not impossible. I’ve got an immune compromised, asthmatic kid with food allergies. We have made it work.

Also if possible find a back up sitter. Family member or friend who is either not working or works little. Always make a manager feel better to see you tried to not have to leave

Have a back up. Or switch to just a babysitter. My old babysitter was not only decent priced but had no problem dealing with a sick kid.
Other then that, just do the best you can. It’s hard, and it sucks, and working OT is a must in a lot of places these days, but just take a breather.

Also, depending on how old your kid is preventative things honey drops, andair purifiers are good ways to help fight those nasty bugs

I work 18hrs stocking shelves at the grocery store while they are at school, my boss gives me every shift available every other weekend while they are at their moms. I also work on homes and hit up thrift stores to resell on Ebay. The grocery store job is my backup if I dont work on houses or nothing sells on Ebay that week. I dont make a lot of money, but I’m getting by without the use of any credit cards until they get old enough to take care of themselves. Btw, grocery stores are used to teenagers, so when my kids are sick, they are extremely understanding. I have no family within 3 hrs of me.

Get a different job.

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Most days I don’t know how I do it! But everyday it gets done! Remember who you are working hard for! A working mom is a good mom! A stay at home mom is a good mom! Take it in day by day and see what you can do better, then do it the next day! Unfortunately flu season isn’t something we can get rid of :persevere:

I feel you there, plus right now my back up sitter are my parents who drive truck. They are always on the road. My little was sick for a week before daycare would take her back. Thankfully my employer has been understanding but having a job with PTO and sick time has been an absolute blessing! I would try to find one like that if your job doesn’t offer it. Sounds like your doing the best you can, keep it up!