Needing tips on potty training boys

My son is 18 months, and we’ve had a little Elmo potty and one of the seats that go on the actual toilet for a while, just to get him used to the idea.BUT today, he took the first “step” and sat on his potty naked for a while until he peed. So I made a big deal and gave him an M&M, and he was very proud of his pee. lol should I just continue to follow his lead? He’s currently wearing his Spider-Man underwear and drinking lots of water. lol We’re supposed to go on a trip on Monday to see the In-Laws, so I don’t want to have him backtrack and refuse to use the potty after that because it’s a 5 hour drive and we’ll be gone for a week.

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Go with he’s lead. He’s interested and knows what he is doing.

Go with his lead and long car rides I’d do pull-ups and if u stop at a gas station have him go inside and use the potty.


Have a potty in the car just in case but maybe let him try without pull ups? Keep a diary of when he pees as it really helps avoid accidents! A portapotty is great (potette) as they have disposable liners like a nappy you can use it anywhere. Mine used it outside a supermarket once after we realized we weren’t going to make it into the store! It folds up to be purse/bag sized too. Maybe line the car seat with a bed liner? Or do nappies/diapers in the car but otherwise he gets to wear his Spiderman pants?

I found success in the Let’s go potty every 30 min or so . I didnt ask if he had to go I just ok let’s go potty and took him in he went I went and again and again and again ect… it worked well for my son and daughter.

I suggest bringing a little potty in the car. That’s what we did

I would suggest a potty seat in the car or a pee cup. My 3 year old is famous for saying he has to pee in the middle of nowhere.

I promise you I carried an arsenal of cleaning supplies and stopped every place I could while traveling with my daughter… to the point where ever time we walked in a store she needed to check put their potty… but she was 100 percent diaper free by 2 … use the pullups… dont ask… just take him or if he asks take him…good luck

Continue what you’re doing, but don’t be surprised if he loses interest. Sometimes when you start too soon they kinda get tired of it. Stop often on your road trip so he can pee in the potty. He should be fine just stay on top of it.

Follow his lead. He could catch on quick and keep it up but he is also young enough that he can regress and stop for a while.

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He is to young for potty training.

If he has an accident, treat it like it is no big deal. Before you go sit down and explain what is going to happen. Long trip, he needs to tell you when he needs to go, ask him if he wants a diaper, and even if he is wearing a diaper that you will still take a potty break if he will let you know. He will understand if you explain. BTW if he chooses to wear big boy pants and has an accident no big deal. Suggest that until his body matures a little that he wear a diaper for the long trip.
It is not a big deal either way. PS. Waterproof his car seat.

Put a line of tape on the floor and a net over the bowl. Tell them the clock is ticking. :grin:

Take them out side they will think its cool

I would wait till u come back.

He’s still a little young. But he’s on the right path

I heard that clearing the schedule during potty training is actually the best thing you could do… hope the trip works out but it could erase your progress


Take a large can for emergency stops. My oldest used to travel with his dad and I in a semi-truck. He used it with no problems

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I have a car potty with dog bags inside to catch the mess. Done this with all 3 of my kids until they where potty trained.

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That is so awesome!!! 18 months and peeing on the potty is a pretty big deal!!!

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