Needing toddler meal ideas

What are some toddler lunch and dinner meal ideas? I want to give my little one more variety and don’t want her to get bored of the same things. She is a year and a half and is a great eater, but I just want some quick and easy ideas. Thanks!


Mac and cheese, pb&j, fresh fruit, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, spaghetti, and hot dogs are just a few…I did blw and gave my girls
whatever we ate just cut up so they wouldn’t choke

Feed her what you eat…just cut into small pieces

Fruit,cheese & crackers, sandwiches,pasta dishes, cheese/pizza scrolls,sausage rolls these are some off my 20 month old favs

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Whatever you decide to give her, make sure its cut up small enough she won’t chock. Watch the sodium % and try to avoid processed meat. Basically she can have what you have

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Give her some real food not that cheap easy to fix processed garbage

My kids all ate whatever we ate just of course cut up alot smaller

My son is 14 months and usually just eats what we do but deconstructed. He likes small pieces he can pick up and touch and feed himself. It’s messy but he eats better than being fed with a spoon.

My son gets what we eat, sausages and veggies, spaghetti Bolognese, he loves butter chicken and rice, fruit especially berries lately, he loves carbonara atm, cheese and crackers,

Anything we ate, she ate…like everyone else is saying, small bites. It’s better to offer all kinds of textures and flavors…I would let my daughter eat (not too)spicy food also. You will know best what works for you kid…and what you are comfortable with!

Fruits and veggies. There are also chicken nuggets that contain vegetables. Make those and cut them up for little fingers to grab easier. Cut up hot dogs, French fries cooked in the air fryer, little finger sandwiches.

Pasta, meat in small bites, ( not hotdogs, due to choking hazard) rice with veggies mixed in. If I recall, no peanut butter until 2 ( allergic reactions possibly)

Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs, some fruits cut up and juice boxes or even cheese and crackers or what they are wanting. Dinner what the family is having just in smaller portion…

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fruits and vegies start early they will eat them thru out the rest of their life grilled cheese pasta

Spaghetti with little meatballs lunch meat with crackers applesauce you could make cheese quesadillas cut them up into small pieces you could use ground beef with cheese melted or cut up chicken to give it variety you could do lettuce wraps with any type of meat apple slices

Feed her what ever you like to eat don’t forget things like vegetables fish chicken beef etc

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Don’t forget soups also…

My son does not like mushy foods. The best thing he likes is fresh and raw veggies and fruit. Now that he is older he still does not like mushy foods. I’m just glad he does not like candy, he perfers fresh fruit and veggies. Try fixing things they like, both raw and cooked. Gives them the option to try.

At that age my kiddos like frozen waffles with peanut butter and applesauce. Super quick, easy, and yummy

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Just give her what the family is eating, don’t over do with adding lots of different food at once, if a food is going to cause an allergic reaction you want know which one may be the problem, just add any type of new food on her plate without a production, make sure everyone else has the same food and start eating, everyone has different taste and react to texture differently, it may take a while to get use to a food, if your child doesn’t like something today, don’t worry they may like it in a few weeks, just don’t force them to eat something they don’t want, that will cause a situation where they may never eat it.