Needing unique baby girl names!

I need help with baby girl names!!! I have GOT nothing! I want something unique and pretty!!! Does anyone have ideas?? TIA


Unique is definitely a good name for a girl

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I use to have a friend named Sunshine. I’ve always thought that was so pretty.

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I had a friend back in elementary whos name was Honey

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Adelyn. Brinley. Avery. Averly

My daughters name is Colette

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Calliope, Freya, Temperance, Atlas, Juno, Mercy, Valkyrie… Those are all names I tried to convince my husband we should use😁 I am on Girl #5 due July 4th! My 4 other daughters are Jozelinn, Charlotte, Nova, and Jupiter! Jupiter’s middle is Elara which is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons! Our newest addition her name is going to be Lotus. I :heart: unique names!

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My daughters name is Cai-Jay Originally I wanted to name her River-Jay. My younger sister is called Opal I’ve always thought it was pretty.

I met a grocery clerk named Mellow

My daughters name is Kaycie. I get alot of compliments on the spelling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are going with Claire but also played with the names Reece and Brynn. Good luck! Picking names can be so difficult! It feels like such a huge responsibility

Our girl name was glonf to be Juliette Rose.:heart:

I named my daughter (sway Lynn)and I have never heard anyone else have her name

I have a
Lilli-May and

Carleigh Nataleigh Wynter

I always wanted to use the name Kenleigh but I had all boys.

My oldest daughters name is Tandalah (Tan-Duh-Luh)

I was gonna name mine Charlotte… But I ended up naming her Oaklynn.

My daughter is Sarah Jo :heart:

Everyone is trying to use unique names, and all the original names are now the ones that aren’t used :joy: I haven’t met a Sarah that was younger than teenager age

Nova Laine is my granddaughters name

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