Needing unique middle name ideas

Need a unique boy middle name that goes with Keanu. And a first name that goes with the middle girl name Aurora. Something unique and unusual. Thanks in advance.


Aurora Odessa
Keanu aitkens

Ryles! Very unusual name.

Scarlett Aurora. Keanu Odassis.

Jocelyn Aurora, Keanu Maddock

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My babys first name is aurora but we call her rorie :heart_eyes:…sorry im not any help lol

My daughter is isabella aurora … bella for short … love the name keanu :heart_eyes:

The girl first name. Parker. Collins. Kingsley. Everleigh. Laney. Blayze. Elliot (call her Ellie) The boy middle name blaze. Milo. Maddox. Parker. Mason. Sheppard. Blaine. Asher. Pearson. Hudson. Kingston. Ryder.

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Aurora Isabella, Keanu Keith

Aurora Rose, Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reece
Aurora jade


Mallory Aurora or Sophia Aurora

You are missing a major opportunity if you don’t go Keanu Reeves :joy::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: I would anyway

A gal I work with name is Seanice (pronounced shawn-issy) Seanice Aurora sounds cute.


Keanu Maddox
Aurora Celeste

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My daughter is Aurora Lazarus


Keanu Merrick
Scarlet Aurora

Lily aurora, Keanu Camron

Golden Aurora? Autumn Aurora? Keanu could literally fit anything from keanu james (not unique), keanu blaze, keanu zeplin

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Keanu Dust and Roslyn Aurora

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