No appetite after giving birth: Help?

I’m 10 days post partum and have no appetite. anyone else have that problem after birth?


Try eating ice or Popsicle

Its common… I didnt either… But if it last longer than 3 weeks, i would talk to your doctor…

Yes I definitely did. Try slurping some soup or some protein shakes!!! Dont worry it will all come back!


Yes, I lost my appetite after giving birth to both of my children. Make sure you are taking your vitamins. All I could stomach were instant breakfast shakes until my appetite came back.

I rarely eat to begin with. For me it’s common but you should talk to your doctor.

I had absolutely no appetite after having my daughter and because of that I lost all of the baby weight super quick. My daughter is 2 now and I still feel like my diet never went back to normal

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I had no appetite at all! I was at my smallest weight directly after having my baby, my appetite started coming back around 5 months pp

Normal, do try to put something in your system though. My appetite came back fully after three weeks. I did more snacking than eating.

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Are u taking any pain medicine?

I’m almost 3 weeks pp and dropped 41lbs so far. I’m hungry usually at the end of the day and that is it

Same I lost 3 stone after giving birth due to loss of appetite, try little and often

I still don’t have an appetite almost 3 mos pp. I force myself to eat small meals and i still take prenatal vitamins

I had to set times to remember to eat from week like 28 (pregnant) until she was like 9 months old. I think its fairly normal

I still have that problem and i’m 8 months PP. I pretty much only eat dinner

Same. You just kind of need to force yourself to eat for the babys sake. But if you’re concerned enough maybe mention it to your doc.

I HOPE I don’t lol. Help me lose This baby weight fast:)

Lucky. Im always starving to death. 3 months pp and still always starving lol

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I did but I had an infection causing me to not have an appetite

Yesss just force your self to eat.