*NO BASHING* I am pregnant and don't know whether I should give the baby up or not?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for six years & have two children together… earlier this year we split up and both seen other people. Long story short, I ended up getting pregnant due to failed birth control as well as two plan b’s. That relationship was honestly so toxic. I feel like I was only with him to get my mind off of my break up. He was older than me, never cooked or cleaned, never helped me with anything. Basically wanted me to take care of him. So that ended pretty quick. He says he will be “involved,” but I haven’t heard from him in months. So my boyfriend, who I’ve been with for six years & I ended up getting back together recently (yes he knows I’m pregnant to someone else) And he is willing to step and be a father figure to this child. However, I just don’t want to put that on his shoulders. I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not I want to give this child up for adoption. I found out I was having a girl, and I always wanted a daughter. But I always thought it would be with him and not someone else. I have so many mixed emotions. I feel like I need to live with my mistake and be a mother to my daughter. But another part of me feels that I can’t be good enough for her because it’ll always be in the back of my head that her father and I was a mistake. I’m honestly so torn & I feel so terrible


I’d gladly adopt, she would have a happy loved life


There are so many people that would do anything to take your sweet baby! Please consider if you cannot manage to keep the child, giving him/her to a family who is unable to conceive.
They’ll probably even pay you thousands and thousands of dollars!

If he is willing to step up, why stop a blessing? It takes alot in a man to do that! Plus DNA don’t make u a dad.


Do you pray? Ask God what you should do. I’ll pray for you too. But I hope you keep your daughter. She was given to you for a reason. :heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray:


If he wants to step up, let him. But be weary if he ever gets mad at you he could throw it in your face. My ex did that shit to me.

If you truly feel you can’t get past who you created life with, than adoption would be your best choice of action. Remember she’s got half of your DNA too.

I’m sorry you’re in this situation and wish you the best.


Adoption is a selfless and loving act. Do what you think is gonna be best for her!


Blood don’t make a man a father it is the man who loves you and will love the child you carry, trust me I’ve been were you are


Just because her dad was a mistake it doesn’t make her one. Its not fair to her. If your boyfriend now is willing to accept her, I would keep her.


Failed birth control and 2 failed plan b’s… I feel like you were meant to have that little girl… raise YOUR daughter like you’ve raised your boys and let your significant other raise her like he wants to… it takes a lot for a man to step up to plate when it’s not even his own child so he seems like a pretty great man! you may end up regretting letting her go if that’s what you choose to do… I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.


Keep your daughter, I don’t know you but my gut feeling is that you will regret it if you give her up. You’re her mummy, you can work through these hard emotions one day at a time and if this man truly loves you he will love this little girl as much as he loves you. Xx


U already have two boys u show them that u get rid of her they will see that and she will resent u because u kept her brothers u are making a selfish decision if u choose adoption


No need to abort there’s a family out there that would love to adopt someone who can’t have children get the child a chance to live


My cousin just adopted a baby she had older siblings. The baby will be loved it you choose to adopt.

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The relationship was a mistake… Not her. She is a blessing and came to you when you needed her most.


Sometimes things happen for a reason, weather we like it or not. So maybe this is the way your suppose to get your daughter. If your man steps up to do another mans job or not, she will have you her mom.


Having a child is always a blessing,never a mistake…if the new man is willing to be dad,make it legal so the other dad cant take part or bark orders…she was sent to you for a reason,pray to God for your answers.Good luck!:heart:

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I personally would keep the baby. Your man is willing to take care of the baby, you have always wanted a daughter. Weigh out if you would have more guilt from keeping her or more guilt for giving her up because of a mistake.

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A child isn’t a mistake, if you really feel you can’t love her and be a good mother, by all means give her a chance at a good life!! But remember she’s half of you!!