"Not clean" clean house

Ok mommas. How do you keep motivated to keep the house clean. I do all the major stuff fairly often. (Like dishes, laundry, vacuum) But like how do you remember to pick up trash, bottles, etc. My hubby has been getting really frustrated comming home to a “mess” when its just some trash, or dishes I have yet to clean up. Its literally nothing compared to what it could be and its usually on the days he has had a really bad day at work (hes a mechanic. His bad days are from 7am to 6-7pm and we live an hour away from his job)
************* ***don’t come after him he is a really great guy and great father. He helps out alot and takes care of our 11 month old son when I need a break. He just gets fed up with the little things and idk what to do anore. Feels like I can make the house almost spotless and he will find the food wraper and empty bottle from 2 hrs prior or even 30 min prior and get frustrated about it. I cant keep everything spotless all the time…I’m worn out