Pain during sex after c-section: Is it normal?

I had a c section 10 months ago. I was wondering if what I am experiencing is normal. I’ve noticed some changes in my sex life. Most positions vaginally are rather painful and irritating to me. There are only a couple that is enjoyable that don’t cause any pain or discomfort. As far as anal, I can’t do it anymore. The amount of pain when tried is insane. It was never like this at any other time, and I am a mom of 4. 3 were natural, and the most recent had to be a c section. Has anyone else experienced similar changes with this? I’m at a loss here because I’ve never had a c section before. The changes in my sex life are causing issues with my SO. I feel he is bored because I have limits that I didn’t have before with the comments he makes and the obvious frustration he shows when I tell him I can’t do something, or I cant lay like that. It makes me feel horrible about it. I’m getting discouraged with having sex at all. I’m to the point where I just don’t care if it happens or not. We had a very good sex life before the c section, and I don’t understand any of this. Are there any tips on anything I can do to maybe get back to what I used to be? Please help.


I’ve had 3 C-sections it’s going to take a little bit before your body is completely healed for me it took just a little over a year but it also depends on the position also

Never effected mine. Ive had 3… Maybe talk to your ob/gyn…

I had csections with all 4 of my kids and did not have this problem. If it is hurting you that bad I would make an appointment to see your OBGYN ASAP

I would go get checked out. A c section is a major surgery and things can go wrong sometimes. But for now talk to your SO and try to get on the same page. I personally don’t agree with him getting frustrated and making comments but to each their own.


Did you get the mirena, do you have hemorrhoids?
I’ve had 2 csections and the first it took a bit of time for some positions to not bother my abdomen. Second I’ve been okay.
Are you sure it’s your csection and not something else?

Might want to see you ob again and let them know. You may have some scar tissue that’s bugging ya. I had my oldest daughter kick my csection a week after having my 2nd oldest sex hurt walking hurt I was a mess. Went to my obgyn and they said everything had gotten stuck together inside and they had to separate it all. Ever since then I’ve been good

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I’ve had 2 sections and it was painful at first. I also wore a belly band that first year. But if ur still having pain at this point go and get checked. When in doubt get checked out

I had the same problem!!! I couldnt enjoy sex anymore after my c section. I did go to doc and she said it can happen. I am currently fighting to have a vbac so maybe i can enjoy my sex life one day. This is 5 years later.


Pelvic floor physio may help

I had this problem and here and there still do. My last child is now 2 1/2. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Maybe I should’ve went to get it checked out but I didn’t. Now it doesn’t “hurt” but there is some discomfort and I still cannot really feel the area around my csection. :sweat:
Hope you find a solution, momma!

A doctor should be able to help you out.

Your steal healing inside

I had slight discomfort at first but then went away! My ob said it takes the body 18 months to fully recover from a csection. I would get it checked out in the mean time to be safe . Maybe have a couple drinks and let ur body relax and give it a try. You might be getting urself overly worked up


See your doctor that doesnt sound normal.

Been there. It was 30 years ago and I hope things have changed. My gyn at the time was terrible in this area. 30 years later, I’m glad for a wonderful understanding husband. We pleasure each other in different ways. However I hear there are some medical remedies. I had 3 also and a hysterectomy. It does test a marriage!

Talk to your doctor. I don’t think that is normal.

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I had a c section and have this problem. My son is 4 and still happens. I find it comes and goes. I have time where it doesnt hurt at all and random times where any position hurts. I never had that problem before my csection.

That’s not normal. I had 2 c sections and no pain with sex after 6 weeks. Scar tissue can cause pain though. I would see the doctor asap.


Go back to the doctor, that’s not normal.