People keep saying I am taking on too much: Advice?

So kinda frustrated and tired of people telling me I’m taking on too much. So backstory, my daughter was born at the end of August, and I enrolled in school, so I had something to do while I would be home with her since we cannot afford any type of daycare and cannot afford for me to work to just pay daycare costs. So I then became a stay-at-home mom. My fiancé makes good money, and we can afford it. Well, on top of me going back to school, I picked up a side job of watching my ex-coworkers daughter a few nights a week for extra money. And everyone keeps saying that I’m spreading myself too thin, and I just do not see it. So my question I guess, is am I just so determined that I don’t realize it yet?


I feel like you’ll realize if you’re taking on too much. They’re probably worried that you’re going to load it on and on and then one day you’ll crash. Do you feel like you’re heading that way? No? Then you’re ok for you. :heart:

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You do you. People told me the same thing when I was in school and working and coming home to children. As long as you feel okay with it, then don’t worry about what they say.


Do YOU feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin? Thats all that matters really. Do what makes you feel fulfilled.


You are fine. For some people having 1 child is too much. Some have 10 and find themselves capable of caring for them and having a career. Your too much is not anyone else’s. Do what makes you happy, and what makes you satisfied with life.


I think it’s great. I had 5 babies and completed 3 degrees all while working full-time. It wouldn’t have been so easy if it wasn’t for the support of my husband but I applaud you.

I work full time,full time mom and part time school.Most important thing is for my son to always have our shoulders when he needs it.I prioritize my sons well being first.

Attention, pat in the back grab?

That does not sound like to much… That’s actually perfect for your life…

You do you until you can’t anymore. If the S.O. steps in and says you need to stop or you decide you need to stop then keep going. I had a full time job (40+ a week), part time job (2-8 hrs a week), driving 8 hours a weekend, special needs child that needed help with homework, blah blah blah. My body told me it was time to quit.

Hey if you can do it, do it. Every one has different abilities.

I personally could never do all that. But that’s OK. If you can you rock it like the rock star you are and don’t let anybody else tear you down because they can’t.

Your awesome, amazing, and a totally rocking Momma.

People tell me that all the time. I work full time. I’m in college full time. I go to the gym 4x a week. Im a single mother. I am the soul provider for my home both financially and maintainance wise. You can do it if you want to!

First of all, super proud of you bc that’s all very stressful. I’m a full time mom, full time student, and work 20-30 hrs a week. If your determined, I would say don’t worry about what others say. People tell me all the time that I’m going to fail at school bc I have too much on my plate. I’m on my third semester back in and have been on the deans list each time

I am a mom of 3, pregnant with our 4th. I am going to school for Nursing, work part time at the ER and watch my niece on weekday evenings for extra income. I say do whatever you feel comfortable with. And if it becomes too much thats okay too, but do not let others dictate what you can handle!

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I think it’s because people don’t think they themselves can do what you’re doing and that’s why they put limits on you, in general but :woman_shrugging:t2:

Only you know what you can handle.

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I think in today’s society that people assume that everyone will have some sort of mental illness or breakdown. I would do you girl and just make sure your keeping your mental health in check. It took more than a year after my first I was then diagnosed with post partum depression and anxiety

I say do what you feel you can do.
People always have an opinion and that’s okay. But you live your life and do what you want.
I’ve always done so many things and have been told the same as you’re being told.
I know what I can handle and I’m sure you do also.
In my opinion, people that say that, are usually lazy or have low energy.
Do you and cut back if you feel overwhelmed. Good luck.
( I’m 57 and still rolling at high speed). No regrets


meh you’re fine. if you are neglecting family or feeling overwhelmed and stressed, then yes, you are probably taking on too much. But if you are ok with that load, go for it. My husband stays home with 3 kids (7, 9, 11) and helps them with their schooling while doing his own full time classes, works a part time job and still manages to run errands, grocery shop and make dinner before I get home. Everyone has their limits. If you haven’t reached yours yet, keep going!

Lol no, that’s not too much. If you have a history of anxiety or becoming overwhelmed easily I could see someone saying that, but honestly it doesn’t make sense for then to be saying that now