Postpartum depression

what helped you overcome post-partum depression?


Finding a doctor I trusted who really listened.
Finding other new moms to talk to.

If you recognize it, see your doctor. It can become a serious issue. Not something you want to try to self medicate, or fix on your own. See your doctor.

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I worked out and went to therapy!! It helped me immensely!! You got this girl! It won’t last forever :heart::heart::heart:

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Getting out of the house, 30 min by myself is and was the best time even if i just ran to get gas or whatever. And finding someone to talk to

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Medication see someone and talk about it

Medication was the only thing that got me through.

Talking about it. I wasn’t diagnose with pp depression but rather pp anxiety. I would have full on panic attacks. Therapy and leaning on loved ones for support

Organic food based multivitamin

Medication was the only thing that helped me… after almost 7… its over!!!

Being honest with myself and my spouse. I took up counseling after my second was born and it’s helped so much. I’ve also been taking parenting classes at the local pregnancy center, they are free and offer free diapers and wipes which helps take some weight of my shoulders. Also finding a few good friends you can open up to even if they don’t understand just having someone to listen is amazing. Your local health department should be able to offer all mental health services. You’re doing great mama!!

Going and talking to someone. My husband is in the navy so I utilized the Chaplin on base. Also continuing my own interests and hobby’s while having some me time. My husband works a lot but makes sure to give me time almost every day to do what I want to do. And if he can’t he encourages me to get a babysitter or hangout with friends.

I didnt seen treatment. And that was tough. BUT I got thru it. I allowed myself a moment or 2 extra in the bathroom to decompress as long as my boys where alright. I made time for ME basically. And it slowly got better.


First off, talk to your primary care doc. Get on some Medication (doesn’t have to be forever), get some exercise and meditation. Support from your significant other is very important, also. support from other mom friends helps.

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I did nothing because I was too ashamed to admit I had it. Now, I wish I had gotten help and meds.


There is a drug out there approved by the FDA, brexanolone. Ask your doctor if your insurance will cover it.

There is support groups on fb I joined. Just talking to other moms dealing with it. Journaling my feelings. A lot of praying. Trying to do things that would make me happy. I talked to family a lot. I would sing and color. Eating more fruits and veggies. I told myself I would fight through it on my own ( if possible) before getting on medication and thankfully I was able to pull through just be recognizing my issues and trying my best everyday to make the best of it in that moment. It took a little while but I’m not as deep in as I was. I’m having more and more better days.


I went to my doctor. Only had to take meds for 3 weeks before I felt ok again, but everyone is different. Just talk to your doctor.

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Medication. I tried so hard without it for about 8m and I just couldn’t do it.
I had the PP where I feel like I’m on an island and everyone else is far away.

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Medication. And I’m incredibly supportive husband.

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