Potty training tips for 3-year-old?

Hi, I need some potty training tips for my three-year-old daughter. She’s my 4th child, so it’s not my 1st rodeo. She doesn’t want to wear training pants, panties, or pull-ups. Anything that is not a diaper, she cries and cries till we give in and take it off. She won’t sit on the toilet, so I bought her a potty and won’t sit on it. We’ve literally tried everything. All my other kids were potty trained around their 2nd birthday, so this just makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.


Sticker chart? She gets a present when she gets 5 stickers or whatever.


The first problem in this whole scenario is giving in to what your child wants. We just give a schedule- after waking up in the morning, before and after nap, and before bed. And when they eat, they sit on the potty a couple minutes after eating. And we stick to this routine. They might scream and cry because they aren’t used to it, but constantly giving in will show them all they have to do is cry to get what they want. Maybe emphasize treats and goodies for wearing the pull up and definitely praise the hell out if your child for doing good. There can never be too much praise.


I did a fruit snack every time they go. Two if they poop…

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Give her time. She will go when she’s ready!!


Every kid is different. Fighting it will just stress you both out. She will when she is ready.


It can be very difficult, it is the 1 thing that your child can control in her life, to pee or not to pee. You control what she eats, wears, sleep, etc… so sometimes they just say no not doing it. Be patient she will get there. Just dont make a big deal about it. Give it another month.

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Once mine hit three I told them that once the package of diapers were gone I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore. It worked. On my fourth. He refused to use the potty until he turned three


I highly recommend the potty watch from Amazon! Best $12 I ever spent! You can set it for every 30 60 or 90 minutes (start every 30 for beginning) my son loved it! We had him trained at 2.5! Super easy! When the time goes off it plays a little tune and every time I make up a different song to make it fun lol

I gave my son an M&M everytime he went for the first week or so.

Go commando for the weekend


My 3rd was a shit-show, she held (well still does sometimes) her bladder until she pees herself. We tried starting at age 3, then baby was born around 3.5 and the little we had accomplished was GONE. Then close to her 4th bday mom i want some character underwear and that was that. She is 5.5 now and literally everything has been on HER terms.
We still have to remind her to go, when you get up, before lunch, in the afternoon and before bed.

Do not buy anymore diapers, so she knows there aren’t anymore. Reward when she goes, obviously by 3 they understand.

Biggest thing I’m reading is that she’s not ready. Everything I’ve ever read or heard is that you don’t push them or it’ll be worse down the road with bed wetting. I’d let her tell you. You’re not doing anything wrong, not every child is the same.

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Elmo’s potty time movie. They have a song about toilet paper, washing hands and it’s amazing!

Cotton dresses and no panties at all. A few potty chairs around the house. Tel her the diapers are gone and she can’t have panties until she potties like a big girl

I just did the naked thing but I have all boys.

If she’s fighting it that hard then she’s probably not ready. My son was 3 before he was fully potty trained. My youngest is almost 2 and he’s no where near ready but he’s showing interest finally. Try getting her excited about it by letting her flush when you go and giving a high five(after washing your hands) after you go and she flushed for you.

Did you try the potty seat that goes on the big toilet? my daughter has been at a halt with potty training on her little one but she would go on it sometimes so I got the one for the big potty and she has went all day on that bad boy!! Best $12 ever. It has her favorite character too

My 3rd child had really no choice to use the toilet cuz she ran out of pampers and we live in a isolated place 1hr drive to our local town… but she picked up fast from seeing her brother n sis using the toilet