Potty training tips for a girl?

Potty training a girl tips??? I have a two-year-old!


My biggest piece of advice is don’t force it. Wait until they’re ready.


Wait until she is completely ready. Don’t force it.

My daughter was completely night AND day trained in just 3 days at 2yrs. I did the 3 day method. She was completely ready on her own

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I absolutely love the book “oh shit potty training”
My daughter showed interest at 22 months. Shes now 26 months and fully potty trained

Don’t force it. My daughter is 5 and struggles. My son is 2 and is almost there. He just doesn’t pull his pants down yet, but being naked he is 100%.

I use to take my daughter with her potty in the toilet with me and ill sit down and she will be on hers and we did it everyday until she understood and at 3 she was using the toilet…

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First few days my girl ran around butt naked till she got the hang of using the toilet. We sat her down every 30 min and after any meal. If she got a drink 10 min later we sat them on the toilet. She didn’t go everytime and Lord knows we had many accidents. But eventually she got the hang of it and would tell me. When accident happened that was it, no punishment. We just explained what happened and how we have to make sure when we feel the urge we got got to go. We then took her to the store and let her pick out 2 of her favorite packs of undies as a reward.

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We encouraged it when my daughter turned 2. We thought she would take to it immediately but she was stubborn and was ready when just after she turned 3. We waited till she seemed to actually want to use it and went cold turkey from pull ups (with the exception of night time till she was ready) she was fully using the potty after about a day and a half

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I reccomend this to any potty training parent! It helped so much! It plays a tune every 30 60 or 90 minutes. (You choose timer)

Started with some really cool Youtube potty videos to get her interested and not scared. Took her in with me and showed her what to do. Took her to close her own potty and used pee pads on the bed at night. Never used Pullups just diapers in the beginning then went cold turkey. She was 3 when she fully got it.

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Probably not ready. My daughter was trained a couple months after 3. All 3 of them either a couple months before or after 3. Introduced underwear & potty and then they decided.

They have to be 100% ready. We started potty training my daughter when she was 2. She’s 3 now and just got the concept of it! Everytime she goes potty in the toilet she gets a sticker and a sucker. It also helped when we told her she won’t be able to go to preschool and dance glass unless she she stops peeing and pooping in her pull up.

Roxanne McGarry you following x

If she’s showing all signs of being ready, of course: when my 2.5 year old was potty training I kept her fully naked for a full week… She wouldn’t just pee anywhere (not sure if this is just her or if it’s a thing!) so she’d ask for the toilet. Took 3 weeks (one week naked, one week just underwear, one week underwear and pants) and she was fully trained. I know this isn’t typical but I truly believe being naked is what helped her! Maybe yours too :slight_smile: good luck!

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I’m following. My 3 yr old plays with her potty. But, she doesn’t seem interested. Please no bashing.

I did a potty chart with the days of the week on it every time my daughter used the potty she got a sticker to put on it and if she got a hole roll field up she got a little surprise like candy or a small toy it super fun to do

What are signs that they are ready :cold_sweat:

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Until they are around 2and1/2 to 3 their mind & body won’t connect the signals of needing to go potty. I work in daycare and potty train 11 two yr olds every day. Some parents expect their child to be trained right at two yrs. It doesn’t happen. I can sit them on the potty and maybe they go but there will be accidents.

Talk about how nice it is to feel dry and buy big girl pants. Let her try using the toilet or the potty when you know she needs a wee. I found mine went at pretty much the same time every day!

My daughter will be 3 in November and has been using the potty for pee but still refuses to poop in the toilet. I think it just takes awhile. I hope lol

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