Pregnancy ruined my sex life: Advice?

I’m looking for advice or just even words of wisdom for my concerns. My boyfriend and I are having a baby by the end of this month, almost there. But our sex life and relationship because of this pregnancy has taken a huge hit because of it. All in all, my boyfriend finds the pregnancy none sexy, which I can understand to an extent. But the lack of sex life and the complete disregard for me has taken its toll on my self-esteem and how I am viewing myself. I’m not aware of what he does to satisfy himself, as I don’t go poking around. But in this last trimester, especially, my sex drive has been very high, and I’m so attracted to him and want him. So I am always attempting to be affectionate in that way, and am constantly… every single time … turned down. The occasional time we have (on his attempt never mine), it either doesn’t work because he loses interest cause of the belly or no patience for a change in position, again the pregnancy is unattractive to him. I know this is all an overshare, I’m just concerned because how is this suppose to get easier after the baby arrives, through my healing process after birth and through the newborn stage… We have had conversations about it, and they will usually turn into an argument because he thinks I’m putting too much pressure on him. This has harmed our relationship because we’re walking on eggshells with each other and I feel completely unattractive and useless… should I relax and not overthink it? Will things get better after all is said and done? Have any of you women gone through the same thing and are willing to share your end results? I need some reassurance here or something. I’m losing my marbles :)))


Sorry but he sounds a bit of a plum. I hope he’s useful when the baby arrives and looks after you properly.


I’m sorry you’re feeling stressed. This should be one of the happiest times in your life. I guess before answering, I would need more info.

  • Prior to the pregnancy, was this a long-term, committed relationship?
  • Did you both plan this pregnancy?

Sounds like your entire relationship is based on sex and that’s NOT the of relationship anyone should be bringing a baby into


Hes just making excuses and sounds like to me you are justifying them. I’m sorry but he though u was good enough to knock up but now you not?
Nah… Something not right with ya man!


There are many safe positions for sex while pregnant. Take his ss to the bookstore and show him the healthy sexual section and the photos! His dck isn’t SO big that he will knock said baby in the head and leave a dent! Have your doctor explain to him that sex during pregnancy helps with many health issues: lowers blood pressure, eases pain, stretches vaginal walls, AND improves self-esteem! He needs to stop playing, or you need to plan on moving on!

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You inferred because of the belly. He sounds like a vanity ass. If he cannot love and accept you, no matter your appearance, he has the issues not you. A real man loves their significant other for them… all of them.


Dump him. He already has no regard for your feelings.


Doggie style. Not to be gross, but that’s the tightest he will ever feel. He don’t know what he’s missing. Theres a reason pregnant sex is a fetish.
And orgasm, should you have one, is so cool to feel the baby because your uterus tightens and you can feel the baby really well. So if he won’t, test it alone :innocent:

If you have family your parents? Go home be loved thru the rest of your pregnancy & make a plan for you & your child to hell with him


Dump him sounds like hes not there for you now, he wont be when babys born.


I don’t think pregnancy is taking a toll on your sex life/relationship. I think this pregnancy is exposing this man for the douche bag that he is.


Sorry, but, what a JERK!!!:frowning:


So…hes not attracted to you because you are pregnant…sounds like he only wanted you because of how you looked prior. There are so many things you 2 could be doing where the belly wont get in the way. I would have a serious convo with him because I think this is a precursor to your future, if you dont look pretty he wont be attracted to you. You do not want a relationship like that at all. I think things need to be reevaluated!!


He doesn’t sound like a good human. I feel he is incredibly superficial and not in the level you need him to be in to have a good relationship. If he is not willing to compromise on what it takes to be in a real relationship and PARENT, then you need to put yourself in a better situation for you and your child.
You have to remember you are a strong woman. YOU are a badass! As a fellow woman I wish you the best! :fist:t3:


He’s an I inconsiderate selfish ass! Dump him!


You don’t have to have sex to be intimate. It will all be okay.

Dump him lawyer up and grow a life with you and your child


Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in this world you should feel blessed not stressed. And if there’s no sex life now what do you think he’s gonna do when the baby takes all your time. My advice is go while you can

Find a man that will love you, physically, emotionally and mentally ALL of the time and one that will put your insecurities to rest. And by all means one that will never let you starve for sex. Trust me, find a real man before you get even further in with this one. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Good luck Mama!