Pregnant and scared: please help!

I am pregnant and freaking out! My husband and I have two kids, 3 and 7. We decided not to have any more at least right now due to various reasons. I even just set up an appointment to get on birth control (husband was supposed to get snipped but was putting it off). I found out I am pregnant and don’t know what to do. Daycare is so expensive, and neither one of us can leave our jobs. He has good pay and health insurance. Mine has good pay and is at a school, so I am on the same schedule as the kids. We make enough to pay our bills and things, but not enough to pay for daycare or for one of us to stay home. Help, please!! I’m scared and have been beating myself up for being so stupid as to allow this to happen! Thank you for your advice!


Congrats! It’ll be rough but it’s possible!


we worked different shifts so other kept the kids and we didn’t have to have a sitter


A baby is a blessing and you can make it work it might be rough but you can do it and congratulations


You didn’t get pregnant by your self muddle through


You’ll figure it out.

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It’s ok to get an abortion


This is a conversation to have with your husband. Only you two know what’s best. Lots of families have a surprise babe and they get by just fine. I’m a firm believer that we can never really afford babies, we just do it, we give up certain things that aren’t as important financially :heart:


Congratulations first off! Babies are a blessing, you can do this! Yes it might be hard at first but you’re going to be fine, everything will work out! :heart:


Abortions are an option. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. Your body your choice sweetheart

Feel lucky youre even pregnant… :unamused: You guys will figure it out.


If you feel you can’t do this give the baby up for adoption abortion isn’t the answer


You still have so much time to figure things out

People make it all the time and so can you. You didnt get pregnant alone so dont beat yourself up.

Maybe try to find a private sitter that is cheaper? Call various daycares and see if they have scholarships available? You will figure it out and make it work. Congrats.


Even if you have to stay home and get assistance from the state temporarily, it’ll all work out!


This is why if you’re done one of you or both need to take the actions to prevent this moment

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There are options (keeping… adoption… abortion)
Definitely sit down and look at each option and weigh pros and cons.
Abortion is 100% ok and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
Good luck <3


Have you tried split shifts. If one of you works days. The other works nights. Or try to get one on longer hours but shorter days so if the other can work the remaining days

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Please don’t bring an unwanted child into the world. You’ll resent it & your whole family will have a low quality of life because of it. Consider abortion or adoption. It’s best to give your existing family a good life.