Pros and cons of cloth diapers?

Those that have tried washable diapers, what are the pros and cons, and which would you rather use disposable or cloth?


My grandmother and mom used cloth diapers when I was a baby. It didn’t last long. They’re super easy to pee through. I used disposable with my kiddo and rarely ever had any leaks or blow outs.

Pros theyre eco friendly and one time purchase so 175-200 dollars for a good stash of shells, pads/inserts.

Cons laudry

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I tried to use the cloth diapers with my first child. It lasted a week before I said no more. It’s a lot more work to keep up with the amount of extra laundry and imo so not worth it in the end.

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I loved cloth diapers!!! They are expensive to start off but very much worth the cost. Easy to wash and fix if there’s issues with elastics and they’re much better for baby’s bottom than plastic chemical laced diapers. Charlie banana has some great designs but I was able to use off brand ones I found on amazon. Be sure to research well before starting so that you don’t overspend. My little one would rash until we switched to cloth diapers. So needless to say I am a big fan if going cloth if you can.


Depends if you want to clean a poopy cloth diaper in the middle of the night. :joy::joy::joy:


With cloth, you’re more likely to change when wet. Even babies don’t like to sit in pee/poop. And old worn diapers make wonderful dust cloths!

Washing shit seems like a pretty big con to me :smirk:

I love cloth diapers, used on both boys

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We use cloth and love them. Pros, better on babies skin, saves money, it’s super easy , cute prints, better for environment, we’ve never had a blowout in cloth. Cons, wash routine can be tricky to figure out at first, so many options is overwhelming at first, family may be hard to get on board.Overall we haven’t found a lot of cons.


Kriscelle Cubol Harb

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The new cloth diapers are not at all like the ones they have now are great

I used a whole 3 on my son and said heck no!! I only bought pampers. They feel so soft compared to every other brand but not the cheapest either. Disposable are just super easy and convenient and way less disgusting

They’ve come so far than the ‘old school style’. I suggest joining the cloth diaper wash and care group on Facebook if you want real solid advice when it comes to wash routines. Also ‘cloth diaper chat’ where you can receive great feedback.

Cloth diapers are too time consuming you rinse put in pucket and wash and dry. Disposable diapers on off and garbaged. Choose wisely!!

Used them for my kids (now 28, 20, and 13)

With my eldest, it was terry squares. Not perfect, but much, much cheaper than disposable.

With #2, the shaped cloth nappies had apoeared. Tots Bots were absolutely brilliant, could last my heavy wetter all night with a Tots booster.

By #3 there were many different types. I still had the ones from my older daughter, and I added in some Tots Bots Bamboo.

All 3 used them to pott. My eldest trained at 3, my middle at 17 months, my youngest at 2.5.

Provided you can keep up with the washing, I don’t see cons :woman_shrugging:

Disposable. I don’t want to clean up a diaper after I’ve cleaned the kid up. I’m a CNA. I deal enough with poo.

We used cloth. Five kids. I loved bumgenius and avababy with extra inserts. Cons is washing lol (toilet sprayer and air sun dry helped tremendously) but pros are money saving, designs, eco friendly, and little to no rashes.

My kids are 27 and 29. I used a diaper service and was instructed to just dump the diapers in a pail for pickup without even rinsing. I purchased and washed the outer covers myself. More expensive than washing them myself, but cheaper than disposables.

You can cut cloth diapers into underwear shapes sew two or three together fasten Velcro. Easy peasy.makes cloth diapering much faster.