Pros and cons of dental sealent on molars?

Has anyone ever heard of or have experience with dental sealants for your molars? My daughter’s dentist recommended it, but I’ve never heard of it. Pros? Cons? Risks?


I had my kids get it. I had it as a kid too. It protected their teeth. I didnt mind.

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Our son’s dentist mentioned it a number of times when he was younger, but couldn’t come up with a better reason to do it than “it’s a potential cavity preventer”. Didn’t feel any need to do something like that with no real reason, especially on baby teeth. So we didn’t do it. He’s now 13 and still has had no cavities. Just our experience. Strangely enough, I had a similar experience with my dentist when I was young. Didn’t do it then either. I’m now 48, and still have no cavities. But everyone’s teeth are different!

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I had them as a child, so did my husband. Mine have long since been drilled away. He made it to 33 without a single cavity. They do go bad eventually. His one cavity is from a sealant failing, which I guess is normal. I am 35. They have been doing these since I was little, so at least 30 years.

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Do it. It protects their adult teeth.

When we were kids the sealant lasted ten years. They did it after a filling it was part of the coverage. Now the sealant only lasts a year and is reapplied each year. If they have sensitive teeth it does help. And it does protect from all the processed food we eat

Uh. Only PROS!
it prevents large cavities in the deep grooves. They fall out after a few years. Does not hurt at all. Had it been an option when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have silver fillings in some of my molars. They don’t even have to be numb. It’s preventative.
Dental assistant here. :raising_hand_woman:t2:


It’s good for them. I do it

I’ve had all my teeth filled with one thing or another because of HG. Its done a lot for me

I had my kids molars sealed when they were young. Best thing ever, worth every penny. No cavities.

It’s common practise where I am. Process is very quick, minimally invasive. Can’t think of a good reason to refuse it.

I have seals on all of mine. Would highly recommend as the benefits far outweigh the cost.

I have very deep grooves in my molars and have had them regularly put on since I was a kid because if it. No cavities here👍 they have saved me a lot of damage and money

Totally worth it. Children don’t brush real well so they don’t brush molars. Kept molars sealed for about 5 years.

Hygienist here! It’s a must do!! Keeps the deep grooves that bristles can’t reach clean and helps prevent cavities in those grooves!!

Definitely should do it. From what I understand it’s pretty standard and prevents cavities as well as protects the grooves in teeth from building plaque that the toothbrush may not clean

I have the WORST teeth ever and because of that, I have a biased opinion that almost anything to keep your teeth in good shape is a good idea.

Molars are permanent teeth and can be hard to reach, sealing them helps prevent cavities now and in the future. My son had his sealed when he was 7. No cons only pros for us.

Pro, they prevent cavities in the permanent molars. Since they have deep pits they catch food and sweets which causes cavities sealants prevent that. In California is very common.

Seals the tooth as many times the tooth doesnt close completely.