Pros and cons of having a baby before or after wedding?

I am 29 and a mother of 2 (1 &. I am engaged to my SO. We are wanting to have another child but need some input. We are hoping to get married in the spring or fall of 2022. so my question is, would you wait until after the wedding to have another baby or try now & have the baby be maybe 1 for the wedding. Any and all input appreciated.


Do whatever feels right for you. Don’t feel compelled to wait until after the wedding if you don’t want to.


I was pregnant with my first for my wedding, and we decided to get it all done before baby was here to make everything easier, but now looking back I wish we had of waited so our son could have been a part of the wedding.

wait until after you have the wedding to have a baby

My son turned 8mo old on our wedding day, we had our wedding date set before he was born but he ended up being born Dec 11 and our wedding date was Aug 11, i wish I could have waited another year to get married so I could have had more time to lose my baby weight but it is what it is

With how everything happened (we were engaged and just got pregnant quicker than we expected due to birth control) I was about 34 weeks pregnant and walked down the isle. About 3 weeks later we had our son. (Today’s our 1 year anniversary)

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We have a 3.5 yr old and I’m 21weeks with our 2nd. We won’t be getting married until the little one is about 2-3yrs old as I want them both involved🥰 as we’ve been together 9yrs I’m pretty confident the wedding can wait xx


I unexpectedly got pregnant & already had my wedding date & everything picked out. So I ended up getting married at 5 months pregnant. I don’t regret anything. I think it turned out great :grin:

If your wanting to wait till after the wedding just for the fact of being married you could go get married at the court house and then have the ceremony in 2022 and go ahead and have a baby

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Have a baby when it is right for you and your spouse

I am 30. My fiancé and I are getting married August of 2021. I have three kids from a previous relationship.

We are currently expecting a little girl, due this October. We pushed the wedding back because we were already expecting.

It’s totally your call. I didn’t want to wait too long in between my kid’s, and risk being an “old mom”. My kid’s are 11, 3, and 2.

Well this is just my thoughts I had daughter before I got married but it has to be your decision we didn’t last but we are still friends life unexpected but if you do I am happy for you

I wish we could have waited but god had other plans for us.

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I was pregnant with my first when I got married. I was still in 1st trimester. I bought a dress to hide my slightly bloated tummy. really it’s just up to you.

I mean I got married when my 2nd born was 9 months old and he loudly farted thru the whole thing so that is something to keep in mind for having a little bitty one at the wedding :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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I would wait. You don’t need to be changing poopy diapers in a wedding dress, those things are expensive to clean. Lol

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Do it when you want to. A wedding means nothing about starting or adding to your family.

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I had my son 7 months before my wedding and it was perfect and he was an absolute angel!

My wedding was booked before pregnancy, and we were determined not to cancel or delay our wedding. We actually had a naming ceremony for our little boy included within our wedding ceremony x x

So I got pregnant before my wedding. I was 7 months pregnant and I do not regret it. We had 4 other children so now we get to tell the kids that they were all at our wedding. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I love that they were all apart of our wedding. First 4 kids was his and hers and last baby was an ours.

If the timing feels right then go for it. A piece of paper doesn’t matter if you two are in love and ready for a family now.