Pros and cons of having a vasectomy?

Pros and cons of having a vasectomy?


Pros: No more babies.
Cons: None. LOL

Meh. It was better for me to get my tubes removed. I reduced my risk of ovarian cancer and my cycles went from heavy 5-7 days to 3 days super light.

Pros: No babies, if done correctly
Cons: Couple days of discomfort

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Pros: cheaper than a hysterectomy, shorter recovery time than a hysterectomy, easier to reverse if you change your mind, NO BABIES
Cons: literally none :rofl:


My husband got one and has developed long term pain. However having 3 kids I also have long term pain so oh well🤣


Four guys I know who’ve had it were happy with the result. One I know had his reversed years later to have a child with a new wife & it worked.

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Pro: it’s a 30 minute out patient procedure that cost us less than 200$ and the cost of a bag of frozen peas for his discomfort. No hormones, no invasive procedures, literally the easiest thing we could have done. We also got to joke about his “being snipped” for weeks

Cons: Seriously can’t think of a one. It takes a few months to be completely effective because those little swimmers last a while but literally no big deal.


Pro: literally everything about it. Mostly painless, non invasive, if the doctor is cool like my hubby’s they will let you stand at his feet and watch like when a woman gives birth😂

Cons: your hubby will be out of work for about a week which means added cleaning for you😅

easy recovery for them compared to us .also depends what you want to do and your schedule in your life his recovery faster than ours we had the vasectomy at our end it was easier for us

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Comparing to a tubal.

Done in the doctors office with some local numbing vs major surgery in a hospital.

Few days of recovery vs weeks.

More easily reversed

Easy test to ensure successful

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If done on a fri, Man is in and out of office in usually an hour, off his feet for the weekend then back to work mon!! My ex husband had it done. For woman she’s off her feet a lot longer!! We carried those babies for nine months! pushed those babies out & took all that pain ! Did all the recovery! Hell yes man can get a small ass snip!!! I’m AAALLL for it!! That crap about something happening is rare!!

Pro no more babies
Con no more babies


Honestly… no cons.

It’s cheaper and less invasive than a hysterectomy.

It’s reversible if wanted later, unlike hysterectomy/ tubes tied/etc. Cheaper to reverse than untying tubes.

It doesn’t hurt the body like long term birth control can do. Not to mention the side effects of birth control can be horrendous. Plus cheaper than long term birth control.

With all the pain, fear, changes, discomfort, embarrassment, money spent, and uncertainty a woman faces from the time she gets her period, to trying to become pregnant, to being pregnant, to giving birth, and to using internal or medicinal birth control the majority of her life… it doesn’t hurt for the guy to take one for the team. And have literally a less than 10 minutes procedure, and discomfort for a few days. My husband was in the procedure room for less than 5 minutes and they were done. He actually had a rough recovery, like rougher than it should have been, and it was still nothing like recovering from giving birth.

Since being off birth control, my body has been much better. No more kidney issues, anxiety, weight up and down… in my experience, there aren’t any cons.


If he does it make sure he goes to his check apt after both not just the first.


Pro: no babies
Con: no babies

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Pros - no babies and it’s much easier for a man than a woman to get “fixed”
Cons - your girl is going to have to baby you for a couple days lol

Pros: cost me $35 out of pocket
Cons: listening to your husband whine about how much it hurt for the rest of your life. :woman_facepalming:


Pros: no babys
Cons: my husband lost his mojo, and have to have blue tablets to make it work. And spilt us up, he got depressed


Tubes being tied and a hysterectomy are quite different. Neither are as simple as a vasectomy. Vasectomy can be reversed with pretty much successful pregnancy where hysterectomy can’t and untying tubes is a speculative procedure.

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