Pros and cons of IVF?

My husband and I have a 5-year-old. After him, we lost 2 of our babies because of a genetic disease. And every time I get pregnant, there’s a 25% chance that the baby can be affected by that disease, and we don’t want to take the risk. Now the only option is IVF. We are planning to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist after Christmas, but before that, I just want to know if anyone here has done IVF and had a healthy baby? What are the pros and cons? TIA


Absolutely, many women have had successfully done IVF. Wishing you the best of luck! Embryos can be pgd tested prior to implantation to avoid any issues. Baby dust to you

My husband and I went through IVF to have our son he just turned 4 on 11/2/19


You have a precious child. Why be greedy?


My cousin had IVF and is now expecting her first child. It’s been a healthy pregnancy and they said it’s well worth the cost

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I am currently pregnant with an ivf baby and work at an infertility clinic. I think your decision to do genetic testing is great! Such an amazing time to be in that we can offer people such as yourselves options like these


Myself and my husband had/have fertility issues and had two healthy pregnancies are both IVF. We did genetic testing due to our nephew having some (manageable) but lifelong genetic issues. Never regretted our choice to go the IVF route.


My niece is an ivf baby, she is 10 this year and healthy as a horse. The pros would be having another child and the cons would be the cost.

Yes… I couldn’t get pregnant, had 3 failed intra uterine injections, and decided to try IVF as a last resort. I have a vivacious, energetic, kind hearted, strong willed beautiful 8 year old girl as a result. :heart:


I have a healthy baby girl from IVF and a “ surprise” natural on the way. With IVF you can do amazing chromosomal and genetics testing. I highly recommend going that route if you are cautious and have fear of losing another. We had a few abnormal embryos but were able to implant two healthy babies ( one being born). Best of luck to you.

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I have healthy 8 year old twin boys, thanks to IVF! :slight_smile:

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I’m very very lucky I have 6 very healthy children not from ivf but I had a miscarriage b4 my 1st rainbow baby which after the miscarriage was told that I wud keep miss caring I have had so many miscarriages in between my my rainbow baby’s but i have ad healthy babies 2 u keep going it’s not greedy u do what u have 2 do 2 make ur family complete no matter what it takes. I have 6 beautiful children 3 girls and then 3 boys n I no how lucky I am concidering I didn’t think for 1 minute I cud even have 1 all my angel bAbies r loved unconditionally but u do what you need 2 to hold ur baby in ur arms n no they r not going to heaven. Magical is n understatement x wish u all the very best x

I think she was asking pros and cons of how it will effect her… I was told the preparation can be painful with injections but overall exciting. Also you may can pick the gender of the healthy embryos as a boy or girl if the option comes.

My son is a result of our first fresh IVF Transfer after 7 years and 8 losses I finally had my rainbow. IVF was my only option at being able to get successfully pregnant. I recommend doing all the research you can now on insurance what your coverage looks like or doesn’t look like and deep diving in to the services and programs your clinic offers. My sons father and I were able to use a small amount of coverage and then make things cheaper we told them up front we were only paying per cycle and we went from there. Another thing I will say Is give yourself some grace the IVF process is hard and for some can take a long time so just remind yourself what it’s all for and it will be worth it!


I’m sorry if I sound stupid in asking this, I have zero experience with IVF or genetic disorders that can be passed on to my future children. When doing IVF would you be using your own eggs and your husband’s sperm? Doesn’t that mean the genetic disorders still have a possibility to be passed down? Do you use others eggs or sperm? Or is there something they do to your eggs or sperm to prevent the genetic disorders from being passed on.

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I know having ur blood is nice
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I was a surrogate last year and had IVF to become pregnant with him. The embryos were tested to make sure there were no abnormalities. I had a completely healthy baby for his mother a year ago. The IVF was not painful at all. It was very similar to a pap smear. The only con that I can think of would be that it dosen’t always take the first time. My first embryo transfer was successful but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to do it more than once. That’s honestly the only con that comes to mind. The pregnancy is the same as a naturally conceived pregnancy. Only a little more monitoring like more sonograms.

It is a process, and it can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Make sure your reproductive endocrinologist is a good fit, they will be an integral part of the emotional health during prep and retrieval. The injections aren’t painful but ovulating is uncomfortable, after all you are producing many more eggs than a normal cycle. The progesterone injections are painful, but by that point you’ll do anything to ensure a healthy strong pregnancy. Lastly, make sure the practice you choose has an embryologist on site the day of the transfer. Ask about ICSI, and if it is something they recommend based on the genetic disorder in your family history.

If ur in Canada. The 1st time is free. 2nd time is 10,000$


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