Pros and cons of your child being with you at birth?

I know this is probably a crazy question, but has anyone taken their young child to the hospital with them while you were giving birth? If so what are the pros and cons. TIA!


I haven’t would say no not sure how they would handle it x

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Never taken mine ( mum of 5) only because I have big babies 9lb to 10lb so never knew if there would be complications and not sure how my kid’s would cope with it

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My 2 year old will be staying home with my mom when I deliver. I feel like he’d be too scared seeing me hooked up to all the machines and all the doctors and blood.


Why, why would that even cross ur mind


It was wonderful. He was actually quite the whole time. The nurses adored him. Didn’t need a whole separate baby sitter. But he was only 13months old.

We decided to have my sister watch our daughter (who was only 10 months at the time… irish twins) when we went in to have our son. That way we had time to focus on just us and our son when he was born. That way if anything had gone wrong with the birth, she wasn’t getting all caught up in the mix and also gave us time to love on him without feeling like we were not giving her enough attention at the time either.

I didnt. But I did ask about it. My doctor said as long as someone else is there to watch them it was more then fine.

Yes I almost had my youngest son on the hospital bed by me but my family ended up taking him out of the room lol

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Depending on where you live some hospitals don’t allow young children. I know where I’m at noone under 13 can be in the room during delivery

They don’t need to be there while you are going through that, they can be with someone in the waiting room till it’s all over and they can see you and the new baby but I don’t know if any hospital that would allow a child in the room while that is going on and it could traumatize the child seeing you go through all that you have to do and if there are any complications that could only make it worse.

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Do you have a Family Birthing Suite where you are?

The hospitals around me will not allow children in to labor and delivery. They can come after the baby is born but not during and honestly I dont think I’d want my kids there when I have my next baby


That is a time for you to bond with new baby a rest instead of worrying about how your child will react. Let the child sit in waiting room with another family member if you want child there.


If/When I have another child, my daughter will be present if she pleases.

I had my 20 month old daughter in the room when I was giving birth to her baby sister. Only bc i didn’t know anyone to baby sit other than my mom and husband and they both wanted to be in the room. My mom was on standby incase she needed to be taken out but things went well. She didn’t get upset or scared. She was curious and watching the whole time. Then when her sister was born she was begging to hold her. When I gave birth to my son, my girls were 3 and almost 5. I didn’t have them in the room. They were with my mom. I wasn’t sure how they would be at those ages so I just asked my mom to keep them.

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Your hospital might have rules about it. My daughter just turned 3 2 days before I had her sister. They wouldn’t let her be there bc kids at that age dont understand why their mom is in such pain and they didnt want the sibling to feel any negative way against the baby (that’s how my ob said it to me) waiting room no problem but in room not allowed


13 yr old daughter was not scared but she has a whole different opinion of child birth and plans on waiting til she’s like “old” to have kids. My 2 year old boy was just curious and was probably the most well behaved child he’s ever been during “hard labor” and delivery. Every kid will be different, depends on age I think. Also depends on hospital, mine was a family birth place with private suites.

I didn’t they saw baby after birth or when came home.

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