Quesitons regarding my breastfed baby

My daughter is a week away from being six months five days ago she started pooping green poop, and like two times every hour or more I thought it was something I ate because she’s strictly breastfed, I really can’t think of anything I ate differently, it’s causing a rash on her, but she is still my happy baby… has anyone else experienced this?


She’s probably got a virus, or teething

Could she be teething? Teething can cause some serious tummy/poop problems, almost always resulting in awful diaper rashes.

Teething is my guess!

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Teething will change the color and texture of their poop.

My son does that when he’s about to cut a tooth

I had this happen with my daughter. I took pictures (haha) and took her to the doctor. It’s normal.

She must be teething . It has nothing to do with your milk .

Any variance of color… Green, brown, yellow… Are all normal variances. It’s usually the amount of bile and what you eat. Is she only breast milk or do you give her baby food?
But either way… It’s normal variance…color, consistency, frequency.

Yes. I’d say teething. My baby girl is 5 months old and definitely teething. It’s changed her poop color and is causing tummy problems.
This is a good chart for the most part it’s been on with my baby.


Sameeeee my son with be 6 months on the 3rd. I think I read it’s from swallowing drool? 🤷 From teething

So I’ve heard and read teething can cause weird poop. It didn’t with my daughter but I’ve heard of it happening with other kids so that’s what I’m guessing is happening with you little one

Every time I ate green grapes my son pooped green. Lol

Teething or a cold it sounds like!

Wash her off in the tub or the sink with baby shampoo instead of using wipes. That’ll take care of the rash.

I kept forgetting to take my vitamin and that turned my babies brite green. Went back on and it stopped, something to do with less iron i think.

Teething mine has been doing that, its the extra saliva

it’s possible that you might need to drink more water, but it could also be she’s starting to teeth

Everything I’ve ever read says green poop is totally expected
But, you are mom. If you are concerned, a visit to the doc is in order

I noticed that when ever i am stressed really bad and not eating properly , my babies poop turns avocado green. But now that she is teething her poop is yellow again