Question for short mamas with babies in cribs

Question, short mamas and cribs for baby, how do you make it work?


I found a crib that had a slight dip in the middle of the crib so that I could reach over… but I also had a stool close by…

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I personally am short but I just dealt with it😂 but I was at my friends house one day and she’s the same height as me and I saw her genius idea of adding a second mattress to the crib! Now that my son is standing in the crib obviously I wouldn’t do it but if you have the means to get a second mattress I would definitely do it! Life changer

I’m not short lol but I found a pack n play with a raised insert the really helped the first couple months. No pillows or blankets of course, so my girls laid flat. It worked really well when my stomach was healing!

You could either raise the matress or buy yourself some steps or a footstool

I tried a stool and it wouldn’t work. My boy twin would wake up. I had to physically climb into the cot which was a nightmare. Switched my twins to floor beds at 10 months.

I never bought a crib. Both my kids slept in a pack n play until they were old enough for a bed.

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We had a drop side crib that worked beautifully for me short little self(I’m also in a wheelchair, so there’s that…) unfortunately those were outlawed a number of years ago…maybe just have a little footstool?

Step stool. I’m 4’11

Collapsible step stool. I use one for our top load washer and dryer too

I raised the mattress and used a step stool only way i could do it without hurting myself.

You kinda just figure it out and do what ya gotta do to get by. Lol

Raise the mattress and as baby grows, lower it. By the time it’s all the way down, baby will be strong enough to reach and possibly stand to be picked up.


It’s hard mom!! I stretch on the highest of my tippy toes to get the sleeping baby into his crib. It wakes him up half the time and I have to start all over again.

A crib with a dip in the middle and if you still have issues reaching, get an aerobic step. It was big enough to where I didnt think I was going to fall with the baby.

I had to use a step stool

I have an ottoman pouf that I use for my rocking chair. It’s big and soft and round, and I use that to kneel on when I have to lean into my son’s pack ‘n play. Even though he’s older (13 months) he still has his days where he doesn’t want to be a big boy and stand up to help Mama reach him. So I use that to kneel on and can reach him easier. Came in handy for bottle feedings also. A step stool could work too but I just used what I had.

I’m still figuring it out! I had drop side cribs with my first 4 so it made it a lot easier. But they banned those and it’s been a struggling and doesn’t help im pregnant again nor the fact there’s a tiny space between her crib and our bed. When her dad isn’t home I just put her in the bed with me

I miss my oldest daughters crib, the front slid down…
Tippy toes!

I bought 2 mattresses bc the crib only raised up so high and it still wasn’t enough. The crib i had didn’t let the sides go down either so that wasn’t an option.

I don’t, I bought that thing for nothing. I’m clumsy and won’t even consider using a step stool. Pack n play till she old enough to sleep in a little bed.