Questions about babies born on methadone?

My sister will be giving birth to her baby in May. She has been and will be on methadone throughout her entire pregnancy. She goes to a clinic and is under strict doctors’ care. She will also breastfeed afterward. Questions are- Has anyone had PERSONAL experiences with METHADONE babies (not any other types of drugs). I’m only asking about methadone. How is the baby at birth, and how are they now?


Following, just booked a pregnant woman into jail last night.

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My sister was a healthy baby my mom used methadone during pregnancy and breastfeeding … she is 30 now …

My friend had a baby that was born with that in her system. And let me tell you it was horrible. She went into withdrawls and it was sad. How anyone could put a baby through that is beyond me. Little girl still has problems and she’s 3

My nephew was born addicted to methadone. He went thru a week of detox in the hospital and has behavior problems now. He is 7.

Smh I don’t know why doctors think that’s ok. Baby will have serious withdrawals. And who know what kind of long term effects it will cause to baby.


The baby will be born addicted to methadone just like mom. There will be withdrawal sometime.


There is no way to say, her dosage will have a factor. The side effects are from mild to severe. Could be noticable right away or down the line. My heart aches :broken_heart: for that baby. Best of wishes.

Baby’s born addicted, baby goes through the effects of withdrawal.


Cousins baby was born while she was on methadone. Withdrawal and he had some behavior issues growing up but is fine now age 15

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There will be a big withdrawal period they usually let them detox on their own as to not put more drugs into the babies system. Lots of holding and cuddles for the baby as that is all that soothes them. Went through it with my almost 1 year old grandson and he is doing great now

I have experienced this professionally. The baby can go through withdrawal, restlessness, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever. The WD symptoms can last several weeks and may appear anywhere from a few days after birth up to a few weeks. This does not mean the baby is addicted. It will subside. Breastfeeding is still recommended while on methadone maintenance as long as the pediatrician and OB agree.


I knew a baby born to a mom on methadone. Baby was fine. I want to say she stayed in the hospital a few days for mild withdrawals but she was home within a week. Shes a healthy child now.


I was born a methadone baby.
They allowed my mum to breastfeed in order to wean me off methadone.
I as easily agitated and didn’t sleep well for the first few days however with love, care and the right support my mum was able to pull me through it.
If they believe breastfeeding isn’t doing it they will choose to use morphine in order to help the baby but only with the parents permission.

Please do your best to support your sister through this too as she will feel horrible seeing how her baby may be once born.

I have a high tolerance to pain medication now.
For example I had to have surgery for kidney issues last year and I was on IV morphine and pethidine they had to give me the dose that they would give the average adult male as it wouldn’t work for me otherwise.
I was also weaned off both with tramadol too.
I was also raised to be careful about medications, alcohol and other addictive substances just in case i am more susceptible to addiction which many doctors and specialists believe is the case because of already being addicted when born so I that part of my brain is “active”

I was on Suboxone with my youngest son been off it 7 months now . They keep you in hospital for a few extra days to see if baby has withdrawals. Symptoms are dragging feet, restlessness unsettled. I luckily had no problems with my son. No withdrawals whatsoever but I was on 0.2mg which is low. Treatment for drug/opiate replacement therapy for newborns is low doses of morphine. Then wean off morphine. Suboxone and methadone are chemically different but more or less the same. , Suboxone has Naloxone in it. really they should have lowered the dose. If it WASN’T safe to have in pregnancy they WOULDN’T give it to pregnant mothers. And you ladies assuming that baby will be addicted, you’re wrong! Not every baby born on O.R.T is addicted. People who have no experience with addiction and recovery really need to learn! My 4yo son is perfect now.

Seen this personally while doing nursing rotations. The baby was born jaundice and having withdrawal symptoms. He needed to stay under the light and was not allowed to pick him up because of the withdrawal was severe for this one baby. He was born early. The nurses in the unit was scared he would not make it due to the combination and difficult birth.
The boy is around 7 years old now and to the best of my knowledge, is healthy!!

I can’t believe the third doctors out there that would let her breastfeed that child wow she is on that crap. There are other over-the-counter medications but you can’t take when you’re breastfeeding. I’m sorry but we need to crack down on this methadone crap


Yes I was on methodoyne while pregnant. I live in the UK. I didn’t have a care plan no support. When I got pregnant I was self managing cutting down by 2.5-5ml a week. When I got pregnant I was on 30ml. No one told me it’s the most dangerous time to detox an most painful. Detox while pregnant was more painful than heroine detox an meth detox put together. I decided myself 0.5 ml detox a week. By time I was 8 half months pregnant I was off methodoyne. Breastfeeding is definitely best. I’ve heard babies screaming detoxing an mum hasn’t connected. I think she will do amazing with your love and help. If she is on methodoyne she needs to 100% breastfeed too make the detox stage bearable for baby an mummy. No one wants to be in that position it is what it is though. Breastfeeding is best. Baby has grown with meth in babies system too make baby withdraw without bonding an mummies milk why would you. It’s a fresh start new beginnings xx


The baby will most likely stay in the hospital longer than usual they usually have the baby born at Jersey Shore. Some babies have no withdrawal symptoms and some have mild some a little more and are given a very small amount of methadone and weaned off if they are going through to much. The Drs and nurse are very good there and make sure the baby is well taken care of. I don’t believe methadone is passed through breast milk. Mommy and baby will be fine


Baby will be born addicted to methadone and have serious and often times fatal withdrawals. Screaming, shaking, a lot of times unable to eat, fevers, and not a lot of sleep. Your sister is a selfish asshole. WOW.