Questions about depo

So to start out, I had my son on November 23, 2019, and I ended up having a c section and my first period after birth was relatively light compared to what I’m used to. I got the depo about a month ago, and I believe I just started my period again, but I’m barely bleeding. As a woman with normally an extremely heavy period, I’m not complaining, but I’m just wondering; is this normal? I’ve had pretty bad cramping the past few days as well as some bad lower back pain. This is my first time being on the depo, and I’m only on my first shot. Any feedback or advice would be appreciated


I bled lightly for 17days straight, and everytime I had sex I would spot for a few days :woman_facepalming:t4:

Sounds pretty normal. Depo can change your period and in alot of cases stop it completely.

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I didnt bleed at all for 3 years on depo. I’d say normal.

normal for depo to stop having periods, or having very light scanty periods.

I’d stayed on for two months light with the depo I had to take birth control pills to stop it

I was on depo and after my first shot I bled for over a month straight and then my periods went away all together. I got off depo because not only did I gain weight but another side effect of depo since it raises testosterone levels is male facial hair on women. Ugh. Thank god for laser hair removal.

I bled non stop on depo

Sounds normal. Your periods can change after having a baby, but different types of birth controls can also change your period while you’re on them.

When I got mine I got one shot, and bled for so long, decided not to get it again… and guess how long I bled for? 9 months after I got the ONE shot. Never again.

Just stopped depo in September and I haven’t had a period in over 3 years, it’s normal for it to stop it

I didn’t have any periods the whole time i was on the shot. But i had AWFUL mood swings and cramped from time to time … I also gained a bunch of weight …
Then after i got off the shot it took my another 2 years to even get a period , and struggled to get pregnant . I personally wouldnt recommend the depo … But if thats what you want I would say your symptoms are completely normal .

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Completely normal. But it can really change things the longer you’re on it. I was on it off and on from the time I was about 15 until 23ish. Before I had my first daughter I didn’t have any periods at all, after I had her I still didn’t have any periods but it gave me really bad headaches, after my 2nd daughter when I went back on it I wouldn’t have a period for over a month then I would lightly bleed for weeks straight.

Its normal to bleed on depo I have been on since i was 15. I remember when I first time on it i bleed for month straight then after that stop all together. Everyone body reacts differently.

Been on this and I have nothing at all…

The depo made my period stop, yay!

Tbh I been on depo for a yr and had my first period since being on depo. Its normal to hsve periods with depo and it’s normal to not have periods with depo

I didn’t had any period with depo.

I didnt have any periods in the 4 years I was on depo… it was nice because I had always had horrible period cramps and heavy periods … I would be surprised if you have another one (although it is possible)

My period stopped… but Inhad crazy bad side effects, massive hair loss, headaches, weight gain. I got off that shit fast!!