Questions about hair loss after having a baby

I had a baby 3 months ago and now my hair is falling out really badly! I have very fine hair as it is so this is really upsetting me. Could anyone recommend something to help, I’m on no medication so this isn’t a reason for it


MONAT. I sell it. I bought it after my baby and postpartum hair loss issues. Has worked wonders for me. You can sign up and sell it for bigger discounts or become a vio

Also just to be safe have your thyroid checked.

This is part of the wonderful becoming a mother. Use MONAT. I love the stuff.

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Biotin vitamin and vitamin E worked wonders for mine after I had my daughter

You s hi ould have you thyroid checked but when you are pregnant you do not shed your hair so all that hair your body held onto during pregnancy all comes out after you have your baby

I took the vitamina zinc helps soooooo much and I still have most of my hair

Have your thyroid checked. Also Sugarbear hair gummies and MONAT shampoo.

My doctor told me to keep taking my parentals for postpartum hairloss, I didn’t loose too much and I think that’s why.

Start taking prenatal vitamins again and it will reduce

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That’s normal postpartum changes.

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Congratulations on the Birth of Your Baby, I remember Hair loss too, If you can get back on yor Vitamins, I think it takes about a Year to recover back to Normal with all our hormones bouncing around.

My hair fell out for a year! I changed to this shampoo and it is so much better now

Normal. I had it, it’s a postpartum reaction. Not everyone gets it. It I lost so much hair :sob:


Please don’t use monat. Ask ur hairdresser for Activv.

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Meee too! I’m 2 weeks from being 4 months ppd and my hair is falling out like crazy!

keep taking your prenatals! my hair fell out bad too but prenatals helped with new growth

Hormones eat healthy, get your thyroid checked

Absolutely normal. It will grow back. Mine falls out about 5 months postpartum & grows back in over the next year or so

U can crush a few prenatal pills and add them to your shampoo!!!