Questions about heart burn and pains during pregnancy

Okay, mama, 's I need some help. This is my 2nd pregnancy, and I’m trying not to worry if I don’t have to. Every day I get heartburn so bad it keeps me up at night, I also have a constant pain under my right boob where my ribcage is, and now on top of that, I’ve started getting these chest pains that tighten my chest so much it feels impossible to breathe. Once I breathe through it, it’ll go away for a little bit and then happen again. Are all of these normal? I’m supposed to go to my 28-week appt on Friday, and I don’t want to make an extra trip to the dr if not needed. But all these signs together are starting to make me worry something isn’t right. I can feel my baby moving like normal, but I didn’t have all this pain with my first pregnancy. I am just looking for anyone who experienced the same thing (I know no one here is a dr.). Thank you!


Every pregnancy is different!
Oh and Prilosec!!!

:raising_hand_woman:t3: I had similar issues. The one thing I personally loves for the heartburn was the cooling chewable tums

I had all those symptoms with both of my pregnancies. Probably normal but bring it up with OB anyways

Heartburn and your baby pushing on your lungs

Apple cider vinegar is the best thing for heart burn.

Prilosec girrrrrl, i had bad heartburn and that rib pain too!!! BUt it doesnt hurt to ask your OB, they be able to offer help!

Maybe get your gallbladder checked. My daughter went through the exact same thing, she wasn’t pregnant though. It was gallbladder attacks.

I wouldn’t seek medical advise from anyone but my own obstetrician. Obviously you should see your doctor if you have concerns.

Sounds a little bit like you could have gallstones.

It is definitely normal, so calm your nerves by resting assured that this is quite common. I would suggest talking with you doctors to see what options best fit you. Prilosec helped me. Drink lots of water, dont eat and lay down. Eat atleast 3 hours before bed. Sleep with her head slightly elevated and eating small frequent light foods rather than heavy foods in one sitting , avoid acidic food and drink like OJ and pasta sauce. Good luck, it’s tough but you’ll be fine

I had the rib sign and no contractions or anything and m little boy was born at 28 weeks and 3 days and the doctor said I had the rib pain as a reason to come get checked because I was 7 cm !! It could be a sign :heart:

The Dr had to start giving me one zantac twice again. It seemed to help good

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Canned peach syrup did wonders for my heartburn during my 4th pregnancy. No issues but my first 3 were so bad I had to sleep sitting up. Good luck momma. Could just be muscle strain I wouldn’t worry about the rib pain

This happened to me as well it almost sent me into a panic because i felt like i couldn’t catch my breath i slept sitting up some nights. My OB had a ultra sound of my heart but that was due to my high risk pregnancy but i was fine just gave me medication for heartburn and the feeling lasted a few weeks than went away. I really think the baby’s butt was jamming into my lungs lol

Could it be your gallbladder at all I’m currently dealing with it and it’s horrible pain!!!

Ask for protonix…its litterally the only thing that kicked my heartbur.

They stop selling zantac causes cancer ask ob what to take

Kombucha sure helps my heartburn! And ginger/ tumeric supplements

I took prevacid when I was pregnant. Helped alot