Questions about my son teething

Hi moms, I just need to know if anyone else went through this. I have a three-month-old (our 4th child) teething. Must sooner than the first 3. Anyway last night I noticed his top tooth has cut through, my concern is it didn’t cut through where a tooth normally does, but at the top of his gum pointing to the front, it’s only the first sharp end. Will it go down when the whole tooth comes through?? I did make an appointment with his pead , but they can only see him next week.


Many times teeth will correct themselves as they grow in. And as long as the baby teeth are healthy, don’t worry until the permanent teeth come in.

As you can see with my 1 year old, hers came out of the front of the gums like you are explaining, but are growing down. So you should be okay.

Teeth are funny. Sometimes they come in perfect at first and then just go haywire. Don’t get worried just yet :heart:


My youngest (of 5) was the only one who had that happen and hers turned out fine. Although she will need braces later on for over crowding, not due to that though.